Marriage - Live Discussion on Roy Green Show
October 7, 2021 - The Roy Green Show will host us for an hour-long discussion about same-sex marriage, following the 11:00 a.m. (EST) news. The award-winning Green, on CHML radio, broadcasts live over the internet
and the show will be accepting callers. The station broadcasts to the constituents of Liberal MP John Bryden (see news item, below) who advocates discrimination against our families.

Link to information about panel discussion at University of New HampshireUniversity of New Hampshire

October 9, 2002 - The University of New Hampshire, through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, is hosting a moderated panel discussion on civil unions and same-sex marriage. The event is part of Coming Out Week at the university. We look forward to bringing our Canadian perspective and experience, and learning from fellow panelists from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Breaking News

Link to story "Our universal and indivisible human right - equal marriage for same-sex couples - A message to our partners in New ZealandOur universal and indivisible human right

October 2, 2021 - It is all too easy for some to forget that our human rights are "universal and indivisible". As we fight for our right to same-sex marriage in Canada, your letters from around the world demonstrate that our victories are shared - a courageous step towards equality in New Westminster is also a win for New Zealand and vice versa.
In this spirit of solidarity, we recently sent a message down under.

Link to story "Atlantic Tour In Support of Equal Marriage"Atlantic tour in support of equal marriage
October 1, 2002 - A recent survey indicated that there is opportunity to further develop understanding and acceptance of same-sex marriage in Atlantic Canada. In response to this challenge, and the prospect of parliamentary hearings, we are travelling to the region for a week of lectures, discussions, classes, public meetings, and networking. Thanks to Richard Blaquiere and an incredible team of supporters!

Anglican support for same-sex couples
September 26, 2002 - The great work begun by Bishop Ingham in British Columbia's New Westminster diocese, continues across Canada in Ottawa, where Rev. Canon Garth Bulmer will present a motion in October to begin blessing same-sex unions. Bishop Ingham has already said that Ottawa should end its discrimination against gays and lesbians. Now Rev. Bulmer in Ottawa's diocese says his church no longer believes in "condemnation and persecution" of gay people.

Link to story "Liberal MP claims our families deserve second class status in law - the Alternative Moms in Peel respond."Liberal MP bashes same-sex parents
September 25, 2002 - The Alternative Moms of Peel (Ontario) have drawn attention to the hateful comments issued by Liberal MP John Bryden in which he describes the Ontario judgement as "a slap in the face to Parliament". Bryden is beginning to grasp the concept of equality and he doesn't like it. "I am not prepared to accept that it makes no difference to a child whether his parents are same-sex or opposite-sex, he says. "We deserve equal rights," respond Alternative Moms.

Link to reviews of our book Just Married:  Gay Marriage and the Expansion of Human Rights (published in Canada and the U.S., 2002)September 2002 - Reviews of Just Married
The most recent review of Just Married: Gay Marriage and the Expansion of Human Rights was published in the Fall 2002 edition of Trade: Queer Things. Read a blurb or two from this and other reviews. Updated regularly.

Action Items

Link to "Announcing a national fund in support of Equal Marriage For Same-sex Couples"Canada's National Fund For Equal Marriage
EQUAL MARRIAGE FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES has established a national trust fund (managed by Bruce E. Walker Law Office), the only one of its kind, supporting all five of the same-sex marriage cases underway in British Columbia, Québec, and Ontario. Funds will be managed transparently (doners may request anonymity), with online reporting. "Now we have a central place for people who wish to help - a secure, legal and auditable way to receive contributions," said Michael Hendricks, Québec.

Link to letter writing campaign in response to Ontario decision.  Human rights are universal - everyone is invited to write!Writing Campaign Begins
With a win in Ontario and Quebec courts, and the Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba governments' agreement, it's time to demand that Canadian politicians respect our courts and our Charter rights. Time to start writing our politicians (tell a friend!). Business led the way with same-sex benefits, the public polls are in our favour, some faith groups agree, and our own province has said it is ready for same-sex marriage. Why does the government continue to ignore the courts and our constitution?

October, 2002 - Papers on Same-Sex Marriage

Feminism & Psychology (Sage Publications, U.K.) have issued a call for submissions for a special feature issue of the quarterly, called "For Better or Worse? Lesbian and Gay Marriage". The issue will look at the costs and benefits of same-sex marriage and the editors invite you to submit a contribution of 2000 words. The deadline is October 2002. Further details available.

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