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April 10, 2003

250,000 visitors so far in 2003!

They had received tremendous support, information and knowledge from friends, family and supporters who were on an email list with them throughout the process of the banns and their wedding. They just decided to enlarge the concept. Kevin said, "After all it's all about advocacy." They saw this as an opportunity to do some further networking and team-building with the other couples in Quebec and British Columbia. They didn't see the additional benefits that have come out of the site, like working with unions and world-wide communications.
The Voice

In our first quarter of 2003 year this web site has received over 250,000 visitors - 2.2 million hits! We anticipate recieving one million visitors before the year is over.

Equal marriage for same-sex couples was launched as a web site, without fanfare or promotion at the beginning of November 2001, only a few days after we finished writing Just Married, and in time for us to begin reporting on the proceedings of our case in Ontario court. In 2002 we received a total of 373,124 visitors (3,724,265 hits) from 124 countries.

Since then, equalmarriage.ca has grown in size and audience, bringing a Canadian perspective to an international story. It has been a tool for ourselves and counted others. This web site has surveyed the media and it in turn has been mined for information by the press. We have responded to enquiries from around the world, and material from this web site has been reproduced or referenced by newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other web sites - by those who are against us as well as those who are with us.

This web site has also generated emails, letters, and phone calls to politicians, opinion makers, and agencies written by people concerned about equality and justice.

In the spirit of information, we pause to look more closely at some of the attributes we have found in our quarter-of-a-million visitors.

Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement!

Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell

A closer look at this year's 1st 250,000

The ten most popular pages of this web site:

1. Equal Marriage and the law in Canada

2. Our book: Just Married

3. Media Coverage

4. Advocacy events home page

5. Our links page

6. Advocacy news home page

7. Mark Lehman research paper

8. The Ontario marriage case home page

9. Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

10. Valentine's Day - Civil Obedience


Where our visitors come from:

The majority of our visitors come to our web site from a computer registered with a commercial or institutional service provider (ie., .com, .net, .edu).

Of those visitors who use a service provider registered with a country identifier, these are the top 10 countries of origin:

1. Canada
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Japan
4. Italy
5. United Arab Emirates
6. Brazil
7. France
8. United Kingdom
9. Spain
10. Netherlands

The most popular keyword used by those who find us in a search engine is "sex". Even for these people, who are looking for something quite different, this web site proves to be quite "sticky" - on average, these accidental tourists view 3 pages of information.

Our visitors' top search engine is google.com and their preferred Internet browser is MS Explorer.

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