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Adovcacy News - Asian Canadians advancing equal marriage

May 6, 2004

Asian Canadians advancing equal marriage
Support will reach out to a vulnerable community.

Anyone who remembers the protests that followed last summer's arrival of same-sex marriage in Ontario and British Columbia, will recall that a sizeable number of the bused-in protestors were Asian Canadians. Remember those red t-shirt-clad Christian fundamentalists and extremists that were on CBC-TV?

A coalition has been formed to to ensure Asian Canadians see a gay-positive, non-discriminatory representation of their true, tolerant community. Asian Canadians for Equal Marriage (ACFEM), a Toronto-based group that has the support of the Chinese Canadian National Council of Toronto, has been formed with that purpose in mind.

ACFEM describes iteself as a "coalition of non-partisan, multi-faith organizations and individuals from diverse Asian Canadian Communities." The group actively supports human rights, including gay marriage and they're seeking further participation and involvement of like-minded organizations and individuals who are interested in:

  • media monitoring
  • developing of position paper
  • building a diverse and multi-faith network
  • organizing a speakers bureau
  • public education

Media Skills and Strategy Building Forum

The group is hosting a one-day media skill building / strategy development forum that will include information about ACFEM, update on the equal marriage campaign, media skills-coaching and planning:

May 8th (Saturday)
9 a.m to 4:30- p.m
Toronto City Hall (Metro Hall)
55 John Street (on King, west of University)
Committee Room #4

To confirm your attendance at the media skills and strategy forum, and to receive a media skills needs assessment, contact: Alan Li.

For more information about Asian Canadians for Equal Marriage, please contact:
Kristyn Wong-Tam or Victor Wong or Patrick Truong

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