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Advocacy News - Message of gay marriage: let freedom reign

September 1, 2004

Message of gay marriage: Let freedom reign
British Columbia activists finally have wedding day

by Lloyd and Bob Peacock

We first met Bob and Lloyd when we travelled to Vancouver to march in the 2002 Pride parade in support of gay marriage. The couple became fast friends, as they shared their music and stories with us, and we went on to do some radio programs together. These same-sex marriage advocates were part of the B.C. court challenge for marriage: a victory that the couple were finally able to enjoy last month:

Like every other day, the sun rose on July 17, 2021 but unlike other days this was the most important day in our lives. It was our wedding day! After a 36-year wait, which is almost as long as Moses waited to be used by God, our time of wedding bliss had arrived.

We would like to say that everything ran like a clock with no flaws, however the grooms were dealing with a fair amount of stress. We didn’t have a limo to take us to the church so we decided at the last minute to decorate our little teal green Mazda. Bob was a wee bit agitated and began to shout for me to open the trunk.

As I did as directed he shouted again; “Not that trunk stupid, this one.”

Of course he was talking about the hood. The crew from the National Film Board arrived to film us dressing. Of course we had to turn off all fans and they plugged the bright lights in. This on the hottest day of the summer and Bob trying to wiggle into a kilt. For a few minutes I felt that the wedding would be called off. However before long our dear friends Rada and Lana, who traveled from Arizona to share our joy arrived. They drove our car to the church and we were soon hugging and kissing everyone in sight.

Our wedding and reception will remain in our hearts and minds forever. We owe so much to so many that we hesitate in listing their names for fear that someone could be left out. We thank all of you. We also thank the many, who fought so long and hard, so that we could do something that we never dreamed we’d live to see: walking down the aisle of a church to form a union that is blessed by God and celebrated by family and friends.

We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. “ Let Freedom Reign.”

Photos courtesy of Jane Eaton Hamilton and Melinda Roy.

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