Bigger than Jesus: challenging 'the truth'.  Asking questions about being equal under God








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Advocacy Events - Bigger than Jesus: challenging 'the truth'

August 23, 2021

Bigger than Jesus: challenging 'the truth'
Asking questions about being equal under God

Bigger than Jesus at Toronto's Factory Theatre for Faith Equality Night on Sept. 29We all have questions. And for Rick Miller, that's perfectly fine.

"Raising questions is more important than answering them," says Rick Miller. "Those who claim to have answers - to possess 'the Truth'- are, in my humble opinion, both unwise and dangerous."

It is with this in mind that Rick co-created the smash hit show, Bigger than Jesus, which returns to Toronto's Factory Theatre in September. He grew up as a Catholic. But by age 18, the entire Catholic liturgy he knew off by heart had lost all meaning to him. The result is what Miller calls a "multimedia mass for the modern age" which uses music, sound, image, ritual, and technology to explore the impact of faith in the modern world.

This same search for meaning is echoed within the lesbian and gay community. Singer Giovanni A.'s journey is the perfect example of how members of the Christian church have gone through enormous inner struggles to find spirituality. His path towards a more "personal relationship with God" began when he realized he was gay at seven-years old. For years, he prayed asking God to change his sexuality and by age 18, he succumbed to the notion that his homosexuality was but a "trial" which he had to suppress, much like an alcoholic must stave off urges.

Finally at age 23, after a fateful conversation with his cousin, Giovanni realized that religion "is man-made, and with humans there is fallibility...God wouldn't have made me this way to be evil."

Faith Equality Night: September 29 at Toronto's Factory Theatre

Now people just like Giovanni will be given a unique opportunity to share their own experiences with finding a place with God at Factory Theatre's Faith Equality Night on Sept. 29th.

Here, a panel of speakers from various faiths will examine how different religious communities are becoming more inclusive of their lesbian and gay congregants and how they are dealing with the issues of same-sex marriage following a performance of Bigger than Jesus.

This play, which encourages critical thinking of one's faith, will be the jumping point for a panel of discussion/talkback with audience members. Audience members are welcome to ask questions such as:

  • What is your religion's stance on homosexuality?
  • Does your faith support same-sex marriage?
  • What houses of worship can I explore which accept me the way I am?
  • What changes are being made to include people like me?

Members of the LGBT community are encouraged to bring friends or family - of any religion - who may be struggling with their sexuality in the eyes of God. Perhaps it is your friend who is closeted in fear of judgment from his own church. Perhaps it is someone you know who is actively searching for a more accepting religion. Or maybe it is a same-sex couple who are seeking guidance as they prepare for their nuptials. All are welcome.


Faith Equality Night at Factory Theatre
125 Bathurst Street (at Adelaide)
Toronto - Sept. 29, 2005
8PM Performance of Bigger Than Jesus
10PM Post-show talkback
Tickets are $27 a person (20% off regular ticket prices)
To book your tickets for Faith Equality Night:
call 416-504-9971
Doors close at 7:45pm
No latecomers permitted.

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