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Friday December 7, 2020


On December 7, 2020 we joined Marilyn Byers of PFLAG York Region in addressing a Power and Social Movements class at Centennial College in Toronto on the topic of Equal Marriage. Marilyn spoke first, briefly outlining what it is like to have a gay son and some of the challenges that are faced by gays and lesbians as we struggle for acceptance. Then Joe spoke about our wedding on January 14, 2001 and talked about the legal challenges going on across the country.

Then there were some questions from the floor with views expressed on both sides of the issue, however all questions were couched respectfully and there was information and knowledgve sharing on both sides.

Thank you to Centennial College's class for allowing us to engage in discussion. Respectful dialogue is the first step towards learning how to live together and to respect each other for our differences.

Kevin and Joe

Photos from Centennial College
December 7, 2020

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Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Marilyn Byers shows the students a book entitled "Uncle What-is-it is coming to visit". The book, written for younger audiences, talks about our pre-conceptions about what a gay person looks like and how in reality, gay people look just like everyone else.
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Marilyn Byers points out some of the work done by PFLAG York region in raising awareness and acceptance of gays and lesbians.