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Saturday November 10, 2020


Laurie Aaron, Chair of the EGALE Equal Marriage Committe, celebrated, with the help of his friends (see below), a wonderful afternoon, in recognition of another milestone on the way to full equality for gays and lesbians; the completion of the Ontario hearing. Judgement is pending, but the mood was distinctly upbeat!

You can judge for yourself, and see why, by reading the daily summaries of the trial in the Legal section of this site (Ontario).

Thanks to Urban Fare Catering Inc., Toronto, for donating delectable culinary delights, to Dufflets for their wonderful sweets and to Martin and Tamara for sharing their incredible new home with all of us.

Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell

Photos from the EGALE Open House
November 10, 2020

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Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Martin Traub-Werner and Tamara Kronos, opened their home to supporters, couples, and lawyers involved in the Ontario Marriage case - the day after the 5-day hearing ended.
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Douglas Elliott (lawyer for MCC Toronto) and Cynthia Petersen (lawyer for EGALE) embrace in justified happiness for the success of our "dream team". They have brought Canada closer than its ever been to equal marriage.
Photo by: Kevin BourassaBarb McDowall enters a draw, while Gail Donnelly reviews an EGALE petition for equal marriage. They have been active, in the media, and behind the scenes, as applicants and advocates for equal marriage.
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Alison Kemper, Robbie, Joyce Barnett, Hannah Ruth. Robbie and Hannah captured the media's interest with their direct and compelling statements about family. They put to rest the fear mongering of the Association for Marriage and the Family In Ontario (who pretend our families aren't real).
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Elaine and Anne Vautour (MCC Toronto) showing their constant solidarity with the other Ontario couples.
Photo by: Michelle Grosse
Lloyd Simmons, Joe, Bruce Walker, Kevin. Lloyd and Bruce are our heroes, and founders of the MCC Toronto Christmas Eve services at Roy Thomson Hall (the largest xmas service in the city).
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Greg Lawrence and spouse Douglas Elliott (lawyer for MCC Toronto). Greg has lost countless hours of "couple time" to the cause of equal rights.
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Bruce, a supporter from the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, standing tall for equality and justice.
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Mike Stark and Michael Leshner, two long-time champions of equal rights (Mike is a former childhood pal of Kevin's, when they both lived in France and Germany!).
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
A lively crowd mixed in the mutiple social rooms in our hosts' home (who knew they had entertained 20 for dinner the night before?).
Photo by: Kevin Bourassa
Mark Morrison-Reed, co-minister, The First Unitarian Church of Toronto. Mark supported our case, providing an affadavit. Further, his congregration has voted to support reading the banns for gay and lesbian couples.