Commitment to Charter means no free vote on same-sex marriage.



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Adovcacy News - Anti-gay cabinet ministers and MPS targeted

June 10, 2004

Anti-gay cabinet ministers & MPs targeted
"liberals for Layton": no free votes on human rights

June 10 marks the anniversary of the Ontario Court's historic decision on same-sex marriage, followed by similar decisions in B.C. and Quebec. Justice-seeking Canadians everywhere are being urged to take local actions by raising equality issues at candidate meetings, organizing creative acts of "civil obedience" and working to defeat the Liberal right.

Over forty Ontario Liberal MPs are being targeted following their opposition to same-sex marriage, and their position on abortion. They include cabinet ministers Dan McTeague, Joe Volpe, Tony Valeri and backbenchers Dennis Mills, Alan Tonks, Tom Wappel, Derek Lee, Jim Karygiannis and Pat O'Brien.

"We're targeting right-wing Liberals in an election where every vote counts," says Ian Taylor, founder of "liberals for Layton," a Toronto-Danforth group formed in 1997. "Paul Martin is wrong when he claims the high ground on human rights issues."

"Parliamentary free votes on human rights issues are not acceptable. They'll lead to hurtful debates on abortion, language rights and capital punishment. "As for Stephen Harper," Taylor, who married George Olds on February 14, 2004, said, "he can come and take away my marriage license from my cold, dead hands."

For further information: Ian Taylor, (416) 466-1560

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