Equal Marriage rally planned  at the Federal Liberal leadership convention, Friday, November 14



"There are no alternatives, and he's [Paul Martin] playing games and being disingenuous," Bourassa said. "It's a great disappointment not to see the same leadership on this issue with Paul Martin that we have seen with the justice minister and the prime minister ... Bourassa said it's ironic Martin has invited hip Irish rock star Bono to speak at his event, yet he has failed to deliver a progressive platform of equality for Canadians."
Sun Ottawa Bureau, Nov. 12, 2003



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November 14, 2003

Equal marriage rally at Liberal convention

"An estimated 1,000 placard-carrying union members, students and community activists will march from Toronto's gay village to the Air Canada Centre on Friday night, where they will demand Paul Martin commit to legal equality for gay couples."
Sun Ottawa Bureau, November 12, 2020

Friday, November 14th
March 6pm at SW Corner, Church & Wellesley
Rally 7:30pm, Air Canada Centre
York Street Entrance

Toronto, Ontario: (Toronto) Members of the lesbian and gay community will be demonstrating along with allies from the trade union movement, immigrant communities, student and faith groups in support of same sex marriage at the Liberal Party convention. They will be urging new Liberal leader Paul Martin to stay firm on the party's commitment to permit same-sex marriages.

Speakers will include Wayne Samuelson, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour, Salome Loucas, Coordinator of Women Working with Immigrant Women, Kathryn Waters from the Canadian Federation of Students, representatives of local faith groups, actor Joanne Vannicola, as well as Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell who were recently married in Ontario.

Kevin Bourassa said, "Paul Martin as the new Prime Minister must remain true to his party's commitment to same-sex marriage. The days are over when legal discrimination should be allowed to exist in this country. We are asking him to do the right thing and give lesbians and gays the right to marry if they so choose."

Joanne Vannicola said, "I think we all need to come out and let the Liberal government know we will not back down until we've achieved equal rights under the law."

Members of Equality Now, the group that has called the demonstration, have picketed along with local constituents outside the offices of Liberal members of parliament Dennis Mills and Judy Sgro who have opposed same-sex marriage. They feel that lesbians and gays are being denied the same rights as heterosexual couples who choose to legalize their relationship through marriage. The courts in Ontario and British Columbia have given recognition to same-sex marriage and they are asking the government of Canada to do the same.

Organized by Equality Now, a coalition in defense of equal marriage. For more information call Carolyn Egan at 416-806-7985 or email equality_now@sympatico.ca.


In a rare public appearance, Anne and Elaine Vautour, the couple married with Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell in the historic January 14, 2001 Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto double ceremonies, will march alongside Kevin and Joe.

Halifax LGBT rights advocate Jay Thordarson will join the Toronto march and rally. Jay has marched with Kevin and Joe in Halifax, Saint John, and Montreal.

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