Photo by: Tony Wong
Enza Supermodel Anderson




Enza, Ian, & the Supermodel Team:

Congratulations on your success in injecting GLT issues into the Alliance Party campaign, and for generating much needed discussion in the media and public forums.

Until next time,
Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell





For Immediate Release - January 31, 2021


TORONTO, Ontario.

This morning at a Media Conference in Toronto, ENZA SUPERMODEL ANDERSON, Canada's only Drag Queen politician officially withdrew from the Canadian Alliance Leadership race.

Here are excerpts from her remarks...

" You know, back in December, just six weeks ago, who would have thought that a Drag Queen could run for Stockwell Day’s job? Probably very few!

Who would have thought that a Drag Queen would have the balls to speak in front of 400 staunch Canadian Alliance members in Chatham, Ontario? To hold them accountable for their past sins of racism, bigotry and homophobia? Probably very few!

Yet dozens of these people came up to me afterwards to congratulate me and say, "this was what the Canadian Alliance Party really needed to hear!"

Folks, this has been an incredible ride, and I truly believe that I’ve already made a big difference in Canadian politics.

My website, ENZA.CA, has had over 200,000 visitors…. and I’ve received well over 6,000 emails in support of my campaign.

In just six weeks my fabulous team and I have managed to come up with well over the 300 people required to nominate me, from all over Canada, in 85 different ridings, in all 10 provinces. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FAITH IN ME!!! Without you folks I’m NOBODY!!!

Every media poll, serious or not, has had me on top.... Literally! So I’ve pinched a few nerves in Canadian politics.

And you guys, the media all across this great country of ours, are so supportive. Legs up to you girls and boys!

While we did receive some help from some Bay Street people, it didn't’t come close to reaching our goal. To date, we have raised about $7,500…. Not enough to get us there!

For the past few days I’ve had my legal team looking into the
possibility of mounting a court challenge under Section Three of the Canadian Charter, which basically states that every citizen has the right to run in an election regardless of their personal financial means.

However, I’ve been told that this challenge would cost in excess of a quarter of a million dollars, and would take several years to reach the Supreme Court of Canada. We have neither the resources nor the time.

I really don’t want to lay any blame, but I have to tell you that getting people to sign up to be a member of the Canadian Alliance was like ripping pantyhose. Hands up – those of you who know how to rip pantyhose???

People would say, “ENZA, I want to support you but I just cannot bring myself to join the Alliance Party because they really FREAK me out.”

That, Ladies and Gentlemen was the biggest stumbling block I encountered and I really believe that the lack of support for my nomination bid is a scathing indictment on the Canadian Alliance for their racist, bigoted and homophobic views.

So….. unless some sugar daddy comes along in the next few hours… and maybe CONRAD BLACK might like to get involved – with my campaign that is… or someone like him, then honey, I’m toast! Thank you!"

ENZA then presented a cheque for $700 to Kyle Scanlon, Executive Director of the LESBIAN, GAY BI YOUTH LINE". The cheque was part of an agreement reached by organizers of the fundraising party they put on for ENZA at the MOCKINGBIRD last week. If ENZA did not make the ballot
then all funds raised at this party would be donated to the Youth Line.