Gay marriage reality TV show seeks couples - Elvira Kurt hosts My Fabulous Gay Wedding


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Advocacy News - Gay marriage reality TV show seeks couples

June 29, 2021

Gay marriage reality TV show seeks couples
New host for return of My Fabulous Gay Wedding

The hit show, which showcased same-sex couples exchanging vows, returns for a second smash season with a captivating new host! Second City alumnus and television personality Elvira Kurt's successful career extends from live stand up, to television and film. Her comedy specials have been featured on HBO, The Comedy Network, Showtime and CBC. A Toronto native, and married to a woman herself, Kurt will be guiding the engaged couples on the new season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding through their final weeks of engagement up to their final "I do's".

MTV's gay and lesbian oriented station LOGO has recently announced the renewal of the queer nuptial reality program known as First Comes Love in the United States. Canadians will watch on a soon-to-be-announced network north of the border.

Since the Canadian Senate passed the bill for equal marriage in July 2005, the country has been in the spotlight for its progressive stance on gay rights. This season, new couples will share the spotlight with their experiences and lives, as well as their ultimate expression of love and commitment.

The show is actively seeking couples that plan on getting married in the greater Toronto area between the months of July and December 2006. This season will highlight the diversity of the queer community focusing on the rich and dramatic stories of each relationship. Articulate, energetic and enthusiastic couples that are eager to share their story and their wedding are encouraged to apply at and visit

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