Five million visitors to this web site since 2001.







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Advocacy News - Five million visitor sessions since 2001

August 14, 2021

Five million visitor sessions since 2001
The world's leading source about gay marriage

This month we celebrated the completion of 5 million visitor sessions to this web site. Our visitors have viewed 14.3 million pages and generated more than 101 million hits! At times, our traffic has been so high that our generous link partners BGR Designs and East Coast Bears donated some extra bandwidth to accommodate demand.

Equal marriage for same-sex couples was launched as a web site, without fanfare or promotion at the beginning of November 2001, only a few days after we finished writing our book Just Married, and in time for us to begin reporting on the proceedings of our case in Ontario court.

Since then, has continued to grow in size and audience, bringing a Canadian perspective to an international story. It has been a tool for ourselves and counted others in over 165 countries.

The success of this site is due to professionals who have volunteered their services: programmers, writers, artists, lawyers, clergy, designers, media consultants, actors, directors, recording and film studios, educators and students, union members, grass-roots activists, bloggers and web site owners, media producers and reporters, and many others.

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* 2001 figures from Sept - Dec
** 2005 figures from Jan - Aug 13

This web site has surveyed the media and it in turn has been mined for information by the press, generating front-page coverage in papers across Canada. Our news reports are redistributed across the Internet by various news and information agencies, and our valued link partners continue to increase our reach by placing Equal Marriage News and our banners on their sites.

Television and radio has also increased our ability to reach new audiences as our public service announcements get air time across Canada and in the United States.

We have responded to inquiries from around the world, and material from this web site has been reproduced or referenced by television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, court documents and other web sites - by those who are against us as well as those who are with us.

This web site has also generated personal emails (we do not use form or mass mailings), letters, and phone calls to politicians, opinion makers, and agencies written by people concerned about equality and justice.

In the spirit of information, we pause to look more closely at some of the attributes we have found in our five million visitors.

Thank you for your support and engagement!

Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell

A closer look at 5,000,000 visitors

The 15 most visited pages/sections of this web site:

1. Legal News - Canada

2. Our book: Just Married

3. Media Coverage

4. Links page

5. The Ontario marriage case home page

6. Equality - Our Faiths

7. Advocacy Events

8. Adovcacy News

9. Public service announcements

10. Our 2001 wedding

11. Marriage Equality in Canada

12. Biblical marriage: a bad source for debate

13. Ten reasons why Christians should support same-sex marriage

14. Registered Domestic Partnership - Letters

15. Ontario marriage case Divisional Court decision

Where our visitors come from:

The majority of our visitors come to our web site from a computer registered with a commercial or institutional service provider. (ie., 30% of our visitors use .com, 22% use .net, 1. 6% use .edu.).

Of those visitors who use a service provider registered with a country identifier, these are the top 10 countries of origin:

1. Canada
3. Japan
5. Italy
7. United Kingdom
9. United States
2. Saudi Arabia
4. Netherlands
6. France
8. Germany
10. Australia

Sex is still #1

The most popular keyword used by visitors who find us by using a search engine is "sex" (21% of visitors who found our website using a keyword search). Even for these people, who are looking for something quite different, this web site holds reader attention: on average, these accidental tourists view 5.7 pages of information (up from 4.5 pages 2 million visitors ago and 3.8 pages of information 3 million visitors ago).

Our visitors' top search engine is and their preferred Internet browser is MS Explorer.

Thanks to our many link partners for ongoing support!

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