Same-sex marriage advocate Ian Taylor slams gay conservatives.
George Olds (standing) with husband Ian Taylor.





Harper's hidden agenda - an attack on same-sex marriage.




Stephen Harper would fight same-sex marriage by trashing Charter rights.



Dennis Mills laughs over his stance against same-sex marriage.



Paul Martin uses same-sex marriage for votes.



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Adovcacy News - Gay marriage activist slams gay Tories

June 22, 2004

Gay marriage activist slams gay Tories
Message to Conservatives: It's the Charter, stupid

"No self-respecting homosexual would support the conservatives," said same sex marriage activist Ian Taylor on CBC radio's Metro Morning yesterday.

Conservative Cabinet and Appointments likely on
June 29, 2021
Canada's possible next prime Minister has said that, if elected, "we won't recognize Canada" anymore. Here's how he'll do it:
Minister of Culture and Curling
Myron Thompson
Minister for Morality
Art Hanger
Minister of Foreign Affairs
George Bush
Minister of Health and Protecting the Unborn
Cheryl Gallant
Minister for English Language Rights
Scott Reid
Minister of Transportation
Dan McTeague
Minister for Family Values
Tom Wappel
Minister of Finance and Donuts
Rahim Jaffer
Minister of Agriculture and Bigger Pies
Belinda Stronach
Minister of Social Order (formerly Justice)
Vic Toews
Minister of Natural Resources
Imperial Oil
Minister of Consumer Protection
the oil industry
Minister of Privatization
Darrel Stinson
Minister of Religious Schools
Stockwell (Doris) Day
Minister of Curing Homosexualist Disease
Dr. Grant Hill
Minister for Angry, Old White People,
Raminder Gill
Cabinet Appointments:
Director of Propaganda
Ezra Levant
Ambassador to Denmark
Ralph Klein
Chief, RCMP and Morality Bureau
Craig Brommell
Ambassador to USA
Brian Mulroney
Water Safety Commissioner
Mike Harris
Director of Road Safety
Mike Campbell
Director of Minority and Race Relations
Julian Fantino
President, CBC
Ronald Macdonald
Director of Francophone Affairs
Preston Manning

"At a conservative rally, party supporters struck gay activists with sticks, punched them and called them faggots while conservative leader Stephen Harper stood and laughed. Is this the moral leadership we can expect from the radical right," Taylor asks. "If Harper were a real man, he would have demanded respect from the audience. This is a party for the intolerant and is un-Canadian."

Another guest on the radio program, Toronto corporate lawyer Michael Bennett said he was gay and a conservative supporter for economic reasons, citing the past failures of the Liberals and NDP to enact various same sex legislation.

"Mr. Bennett is obviously not a human rights lawyer," Taylor countered. "If you care more about a tax break than your human rights, then you deserve a Reform Conservative government that takes away your Charter freedoms."

While Bennett said he was working within the Conservatives to change their positions, Taylor reminded Canada's largest morning radio audience that this was the party of former Reform MP Bob Ringma, "who gets a standing ovation when he enters a Conservative rally and who once said he would send gays to work 'at the back of the shop.'

"This is the party of Stockwell Day, Myron Thompson, Darrel Stinson" and a host of other blatantly anti-gay MP's who may form the next Canadian cabinet.

Taylor is voting for NDP leader Jack Layton in Toronto-Danforth. He urges support for Liberal MP Bill Graham in Toronto Center for his true support for equality.

"Vote for the pro-equality candidate with the best chance to win in your riding," Taylor says.

Taylor has issued an invitation to Liberal MP Dennis Mills and Conservative Reform leader Stephan Harper "to come and take my marriage license from my cold, dead hands."

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