Manitoba may be the next province targeted for same-sex marriage



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Adovcacy News - Same-sex marriage in Manitoba

January 16, 2004

Same-sex marriage in Manitoba?

EGALE is considering asking Manitoba courts if same-sex couples can be validly married in Manitoba, subsequent to the recent cases in BC and Ontario, and whether these marriages can be registered pursuant to Manitoba law.

It now looks like it may be a while before the federal government will pass equal marriage legislation and we hope that if same-sex couples can marry in more provinces, this will make it easier for Canadians to accept equal marriage.

To take this action, EGALE needs to find couples who either want to get formally married in Manitoba or who have been married in Manitoba (but who could not get their marriages registered). Couples must be willing to be named on the court documents as the formal litigants in the case.

Some couples have expressed and interest in participating but, as there is safety in numbers, we are hoping to find more. We anticipate that the couples will not be responsible for legal costs. Couples should expect media attention and be willing to work with the media including exposure of themselves as a couple in the media.

If you or someone you know wants to get married in Manitoba and would be willing to participate along with others in this challenge, please ask them to contact the Prairie Representative on the EGALE Board of Directors, Karen Busby via e-mail at

Click here for more information on the status of relationship recognition in Manitoba.

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