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View the same-sex marriage television public service announcement "Blanket"
View the same-sex marriage television public service announcement "Bedroom"
TV PSA: "Bedroom"
View the same-sex marriage television public service announcement "Parents"
Radio Public Service Announcements in support of equal marriage
Radio PSA: "Complaints"
Radio PSA: "Message"
Radio PSA: "Late"
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"We're hoping it promotes open, positive dialogue about why legalized same- sex marriage is the right thing to do," said Andy Macaulay, the chief executive of Zig. "People don't want to be preached to on a subject, they want to have an opinion shared with them that they can choose to adopt or not. And we're respectful of their indecision."
National Post, Nov.20, 2003


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Advocacy News - PSA (Public Service Announcements)

Public service announcements

Print Campaign One & Two

June 2, 2004

"Parents" PSA in Austin film festival

Our same-sex marriage PSA in Austin film festivalOne of our three television public service announcements, Parents, has been selected for presentation at the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival. The 30-second gem will be shown in a special program that will focus on same-sex marriage. The spot is part of a multi-media campaign that began airing on Canadian radio and television (and American radio) this year, thanks to advertising industry support.

Read "Gay marriage PSA in Austin film festival"

January 6, 2004

An addition to the print campaign

SELECT to read "Let two gay men marry?"Toronto agency Zig released an addition to the equal marriage print campaign today: "Let two gay men marry? Next thing you know blacks will be drinking from the same fountains as whites."

The copy of the public service announcement explores the issue of discrimination against minorities and the challenge of change. It is part of a multi-media campaign, mixing the serious with the humourous, to convey messages designed to provoke thought and discussion.

Read "Let two gay men marry?"

November 21, 2003

Equal Marriage print campaign ready today

50% of all marriages end in divorce - view  this print PSA in support of same-sex marriage."50% of all marriages end in divorce. Are gay people sure about this whole getting married thing?" A print campaign, designed by Toronto agency Zig, begins today with the exploration of some of the factors involved in this universal debate. The challenges of married life, the need for change, religious opposition, and a forward look ahead are all discussed in the single-page public service announcement.

The print campaign compliments messages heard in television and radio spots that were released earlier this week.

Read "50% of all marriages end in divorce"

November 19, 2003

"What's Wrong With Gay Marriage?"
Theme of New Equality Campaign

Toronto: "What's wrong with gay marriage?" A series of three, 30-second television and radio spots created by award-winning Toronto agency, Zig and produced by Industry Films, will begin answering that question today on stations across Canada. "A new series of public service announcements hopes to show the real problems with gay marriage -- the same day-to day-hardships that affect traditional couples."
National Post, Nov. 20, 2003

The spots will raise awareness for the equal marriage issue and support the work of PFLAG Canada (www.pflag.ca) and Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples (equalmarriage.ca).

Read the complete PFLAG Canada / equalmarriage.ca press release

November 19, 2003

Zig and Industry Films launch campaign supporting Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples

Toronto agency Zig, Marketing Magazine Agency of the Year in 2002, has created a series of public service External link to Zigannouncements intended to support the lobbying efforts of equalmarriage.ca and PFLAG Canada. The spots were produced by Industry Films, winner of a 2002 Gold Lion at the Cannes Lion Festival and one of the top 10 production companies in the world (Palm d'Or, Cannes).

Both Zig and Industry have a history of supporting social causes. The same-sex marriage spots are intended to External link to Industry Filmillustrate the fact that couples, gay or straight, face the same issues in relationships, both good and bad. The net effect is to underline the point that sexual orientation does not separate us as human beings and should not be a factor in whether or not one chooses to marry.

Read the complete Zig / Industry Films' press release

November 19, 2003

Producing public service announcements
How the TV and Radio campaign developed

The email's subject line was typical, reflecting the diversity of those who have contributed to the cause of equal marriage for same-sex couples: "A heterosexual's support ..."

Since launching our web site in 2001 we have found support for equal marriage in many parts of society but this email was different. It came with an offer from an advertising agency called Zig: "... we'd really like to help you guys affect some change."

Read Producing public service announcements

November 19, 2003

Television PSA treatments

Read the "treatments" or scenarios written for the three television public service announcements. Created by Hayes Steinberg (writer, co-director) and Craig Brownrigg (art director, co-director), both with Zig.

The treatments are not a literal transcript or representation of how the finished spots appear on television. Creative and artistic decisions in the production process have resulted in minor variances from some of the treatments.

Read treatments for the three television PSAs

The public service announcements were made possible thanks to the participation of:

Barry Parrell (Sesler & Company)

Credits - Television Public Service Announcements

Executive Producer
Tina Petridis, Industry Films
Craig Brownrigg, Zig
Hayes Steinberg, Zig
Sophia Peckan, Industry Films
Janet Woods, Zig
Hayes Steinberg, Zig
Art Director
Craig Brownrigg, Zig
Production Manager
Paul Gettlich
Olga Abramowicz
Director of Photography
Barry Parrell
1st Assistant Camera
Christine Panowyk
2nd Assistant Camer
Gabriel Stannus
Nathan Monk
Best Boy
Ralph Thompson
3rd Electric
Sean Oz
4th Electric
Paul Sion
Package Truck
Muhamed Celik
Key Grip
Blake Ballentyne
Art Director
Dave Murkovich
Key Props
Dave Murkovich
Props personal assistant
Andrew McNally
Wardrobe Stylist
Emily Cade
Sheri Stroh
Daniel Lewis
Sound Mixer
Rob Woolfson
Boom Operator
Grant Halum
Location Manager
Madeline Bacon
Personal Assistant - 2nd A.D.
Dane Gill
Personal Assistant
Roman Hul
Personal Assistant
Robby McNamara
Personal Assistant
Mark Cassidy
Personal Assistant
John Cameron
Jane Spence
Fade To Black
Hubert Davis, Panic & Bob
Bill Ferwerda, Notch
Greg Dunlop and Sara Budnark, Crush
Pirate Radio and Television
Voice over on tag
Ben Weinberg
Winnebago and Location Support
The talent in front of the camera:
Talent - "Parents"
Claire Crawford
Scott Lale
Ian Matthews
Roz Michaels
David Rutter
Doug Smith
Talent - "Blanket"
Glen McDonald
Drew Rice
Talent - "Bedroom"
Jennifer Gould
Tamara Hummel

Credits - Radio Public Service Announcements

Taissa Prychodko
Tom Goudie, Pirate Radio
Hayes Steinberg, Zig
Craig Brownrigg , Zig
Keith Ohman and Paul Daley
Voice over (tag)
Ben Weinberg
Vocal Talent
Angela Bottis
Samantha Swan
Tracey Hoyt
Liane Delotbiniere
Amanda Parsons
Loretta Cloe
Fiona Carver
Candace MacPherson
Marcia Laskowsky
Voice on "Message"
Jonathan Gould

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