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Advocacy News - Want to win the war on equality?

December 15, 2004

Want to win the war on equality?
New rules for Radicals 2005

By Ian Taylor, Never Say No Comment, Inc.

What can individuals do to help influence public opinion and their politicians about the issue of human dignity and equality in the same-sex marriage debate?

  1. If you're a closeted gay or lesbian, it's time to come out to your family, friends, co-workers and others. "To know us is to love us," as the saying goes and once people realize there are gays and lesbians close to them, their views often change. On December 14, 2004, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin revealed how he came to understand the family issues better when he learned close friends had a lesbian daughter who'd experienced severe problems due to her sexuality. He said, "We're all human beings and all of us are brothers and sisters and cousins and daughters and sons."
  2. Speak out about equality. Even if you have no desire to marry, the issue is about human rights for all people. If you attend a church service where damaging statements are made, get up out of your pew or choir loft and walk out, silently making a statement. If you have gay or lesbian family members, speak up when others condemn them. Do not force yourself to suffer in silence as others use bigoted language. Love is the only requirement for defining families.
  3. Use your wallets, checkbooks or credit cards, to support worthy organizations. The radical religious right is spending millions to fight equality, but telling the truth often costs much less. If you attend a church that spreads messages of hate, write them a note for the collection plate telling the church you've spent the money elsewhere to help equality.
  4. Write letters to editors in the news media, on websites and every other place possible. Keep them short (under 125 words) and do not display anger, which is the enemy of reason. There's already enough negativity from the radical religious right. Be positive, joyful, loving and caring - this drives the opponents crazy because they look like big meanies.
  5. Visit the offices of local Members of Parliament opposed to human dignity and equality. Do much more than e-mail them or phone. Visit them in person. Dress up. Bring your family. Introduce yourselves to all the staff. Smile. Be joyful. Let them see the faces they're discriminating against in person. Stay a while. Offer to buy coffee. Bring Grandma and the kids. Ask to be photographed with the politician. Ask for a free flag and some of those Canada pins MP's hand out. Offer to come back soon to visit your new friends. Make it like a picnic, a family values picnic with your MP's staff.
  6. Stay informed of the latest news and watch for weaknesses in the arguments of the opponents. Remember your goal is not to fight them all the way, but to win them over to the truth. In the battle for equality, the Parliamentary vote should be unanimous, so make the issue clear - it's about equality, justice, dignity, respect and the diversity of all of God's families.
  7. Don't trust the Liberals. Urge discriminators and anti-Trudeau "Liberals" to cross the floor and join the Reform-Conservatives.

Never give up, keep smiling and remember: The first rule in a conflict is to demoralize the enemy. When the enemy is the radical right, it's not hard.

During the last federal election, now-defeated Liberal MP Dennis Mills called Ian Taylor a radical. Taylor proudly uses the term now, while Mr. Mills is known in less positive ways.


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