Harper's speech makes case for firing gay people





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Advocacy News - Harper makes case for firing gay people

February 18, 2021

Harper makes case for firing gay people
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour concerned

The President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour says he is alarmed that Conservative leader Stephen Harper continues to suggest that it should be alright to fire people because they are gay or lesbian.

"We have long fought to protect workers from discrimination and we want Mr. Harper to stand up and be clear about his real views on this issue."

During his speech to Parliament [Feb. 16], Mr. Harper said one of the things wrong about Bill C-38 - which ends the exclusion of lesbian and gay people from civil marriage - is that he believes it will result in "religious schools not being allowed to fire a teacher in a same-sex marriage."

Mr. Hubich said the comments brought back memories of Mr. Harper's voting record as an MP. Back in 1996, Mr. Harper voted against amending the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The effect of that law was to make it illegal, among other things, to fire someone because they're gay or lesbian. Mr. Harper voted to allow continued workplace discrimination.

"In 1996, Mr. Harper voted to deny gays and lesbians protection from being fired because of their sexual orientation. Now Mr. Harper said he's worried that equal marriage may prevent religious schools from firing their gay or lesbian teachers. Mr. Harper needs to be clear on where he stands on firing people because they are gay."


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