Troy Perry will appear at Halifax marriage celebration.  Gala is Sept. 24 (Photo by









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Advocacy Events - Troy Perry at Halifax Marriage Celebration

August 17, 2021

Troy Perry at Halifax marriage celebration
Founder of MCC: "Thank God for Canada"

By Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell

Link to the Metropolitan Community Churches World CentreThe Rev. Elder Dr. Troy Perry, founder of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), will speak at a Halifax gala celebrating the first year anniversary of the arrival of equal marriage in Nova Scotia.

Perry has praised Canada for leading the way in gay marriage, a message he has spread across the United States and in Toronto, Calgary, and soon Halifax.

American gay icon sends a message home (Photos by"Thank God for this country, thank God for this province, thank God for good attorneys and thank God for good judges," Rev. Perry said in July 2003 when he arrived in Toronto to marry his longtime partner Phillip De Blieck.

The charismatic preacher has long been an advocate of same-sex marriage, both in the U.S., and in Canada. As early as 1972, Quebec musical couple Michel Girouard and Rejean Tremblay had Perry's support in advocating marriage equality within that province. The gay icon is justly proud that the Court of Appeal in Ontario made our marriage, along with the Vautours, solemnized by the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, the world's first legal same-sex marriages (January 14, 2001).

Photo by
The 4 Grand Marshalls of the 2003 Halifax Pride Parade: Sue & Nicky Perkins (Safe Harbour MCC) with
Joe Varnell & Kevin Bourassa (MCC Toronto).

Gala attendees are in for a rousing oration from this former Baptist who brings audiences to their feet, carried by a cadence that comes from the American south.

The Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project is hosting the “Big Gay Wedding Anniversary” on Saturday September 24. Comedian Bette MacDonald will be the Guest MC. The Gala promises to be a night to remember with well over 250 people expected in attendance.

Photo by
Brian Mombourquette and Ross Boutilier receive award from Safe Harbour MCC during Halifax Pride 2004

This year proceeds from the event will be shared with Safe Harbour Metropolitan Community Church (this is part of a weekend of celebration marking Safe Harbour’s 14 years in Halifax). The congregation has been a champion of equal marriage, through couples like Sue and Nicky Perkins and Ross Boutilier and Brian Mombourquette.

NSRAP, according to their press release is "an incorporated, nonprofit society that seeks to foster change in our communities and our society at large so that people of all sexual orientations and identities are valued and included. NSRAP achieves this through community development, networking, outreach and political action."

This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to support the important work of Safe Harbour Metropolitan Community Church (Halifax) and NSRAP. Celebrate the equal marriage victory in Canada.


Celebrating the big gay wedding anniversary
September 24, 2005

Reception: 6:00 pm - 6:45 PM
Silent Auction 6:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Dinner: 6:45 PM

Casino Nova Scotia
Halifax Ballroom

Tickets for this event are $75 each, or $700 for a table of ten.

If you and your friends would like to:

  • Purchase a table and you will be acknowledged in the program as a Table Purchaser.
  • Purchase a table and donate it back to NSRAP, who will distribute the tickets to community members who may not be able to afford a $75 price tag, then they will be acknowledged as a Table Sponsor in the program, including a ˝ page ad. In addition you will be mentioned and thanked during the evening.
  • Purchase a number of tickets and donate them back to NSRAP, you will be mentioned as a Ticket Sponsor in the programme and will be thanked during the event.
  • Purchase a number of tickets and attend the event.

To attend call 902-444-7887 or E-mail:

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