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Advocacy News - Celebrating Canada's leadership in rights

February 15, 2005

Celebrating Canada's leadership in rights
The Same Sex Show / The Same Sex Wedding Show

By Tom Pearson

The Same-sex wedding show was announced yesterday. The event will take place June 23 and 24, 2005 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Producing The Same Sex Show/ The Same Sex Wedding Show to this point has been an incredible experience. I have been privy to seeing the very best and worst of society. Recently, I stood on the very spot where the first ever gay weddings took place at The Metropolitan Toronto Church, and gazed around the 100 + year old building in amazement. Reverend Hawkes, who performed those very first ceremonies, took the time to visit with me even though he was extremely busy. One could almost sense the history while standing there, and I reflected a moment on how it came to be that I should be the one to have this historic event fall in my lap.

The week prior, I had a major corporate name company that specializes in men's wear (you know who you are, and yes you should be sweating) boldly tell me that they were keeping their distance from the gay wedding market. Too controversial he told me. Well bully for you that you're doing so well that you can ignore a $ billion dollar market. It is attitudes like that, that speak volumes. Gutless, no character, a great corporate image. Knot!

Do not become complacent

It seems there are those who have been saying, Oh yes it's okay to be gay. Yes I agree you are born that way. Yes you have the right to be that way, yes you have the right to be an accepted equal person, yes, yes, yes… but what's that? You want to marry, no way! What hypocrites. Think about it, if all the above are a given, then the argument can only fall into one category, bigotry. How can you make such statements and then add a "but"? You can't, and we in Canada won't stand for it, in fact we'll dig our heels even further because that's the kind of people we are.

Tom Pearson is the Producer, of The Same Sex Show/ The Same Sex Wedding Show.

This is a human right protected by The Canadian Charter, but do not become complacent. There are forces at work right here in so-called gay friendly Canada with financial resources who would work to derail these rights, or at least hide behind a veil of, "Why can't it be called something else?"

Why? Because gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and crosses, if they choose, can play in any reindeer games that's why. I equate it all to the children's story Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer. He was considered a misfit until everyone realized that the thing that made him different was actually what made him so great! And of course his misfit elf friend actually became a gay dentist, but that's another story!

So come one and all from all parts of the world in support and marry at the show it's legal here…..For now!?

Pope blesses same-sex couple
on first wedding anniversary

Toronto-born singer Carole Pope blessed the first wedding anniversary of Ian Taylor and George Olds yesterday morning, in launching the Samesex Show/Samesex Wedding Show planned June 23 and 24 during Pride Week in Toronto

Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce founder Bruce McDonald was among guests at the lavish kick-off at the Olympic Podium Restaurant overlooking Toronto's Dundas Square yesterday, Valentine's Day, February 14. Carole Pope and gay singing heartthrob Sean Stephens were on hand as part of the entertainment line-up, as were Taylor and Olds.

Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples was also introduced as a supporter, along with Pride Toronto, Canadians for Equal Marriage and the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

The show will take place Thursday evening and all day Friday during Toronto's Pride Week. Couples from around the world are being invited to be married at the show, and perhaps to be blessed by Carole Pope.

At the kickoff, couples were encouraged to "come to Toronto, get married and stay, or come to Toronto, get married, go home and sue for equal rights," said Ian Taylor.

Toronto born singer Carole Pope said she felt very oppressed recently, living in the USA for much of the year She called it a Nazi state which had taken over freedom of the press. She said she had no interest in getting married but had friends for whom it was very important in their lives.

Samesex show producer Tom Pearson announced that there are already several international couples planning to be married at the show. More details of the show will appear on their website and there are sure to be lots of surprises at the event, at least there are at most weddings.


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