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Adovcacy News - Songs for same-sex marriage

May 12, 2004

Songs for same-sex marriage
Recordings inspired by rights, rites and romance

Regular visitors to our web site will recall that we first presented a song in support of same-sex marriage last March when Salt Lake City resident Rex Strother sent us a spontaneous light-hearted reworking of Chapel of Love that Strother called "(Sneakin' in the) Back Door of Love".

More recently, we heard from composers Ron and Maryann Sfarzo. This California couple has recorded what they call the "first ceremonial wedding song for same sex marriages."

Born and raised in San Francisco, Ca., after watching the same sex marriages being performed at the San Francisco City Hall, which included Rosie and Kelli O'Donnell, they decided to write a wedding song. "I Do" is an expression of love and commitment and is dedicated to gay marriage.

Ron and Maryann have been married for 35 years, they met through their music. Ron spent over 20 years as a Product Development and Concert Artist for Wurlitzer, Baldwin, Lowrey and Roland Keyboard Companies. He decided to go into law enforcement 15 years ago and is currently a police officer for The City of Menlo Park, Ca., but he never gave up his music. He has worked with Charo, The Smothers Brothers, Jimmy Buffet, Tom Scott, George Shearing, Francis Coppola and George Lucas to name a few. Maryann is a singer, lyricist and voice-over talent. Ron and Maryann perform together at private gatherings and concert events throughout the United States.

To their credits, their song "Oh My Sweet Honolulu" was recorded by the late Loyal Garner in 1982, you will hear "Oh My Sweet Honolulu" on Hawaiian Air starting June 2004. Their song "America Our Country, America Our Home" was written after Sept. 11th and is performed every year for the fallen firefighters and police officers at the San Mateo County Memorial Service.

Ron and Maryann performed their song live for the first time on May 2, 2021 for Marriage Equality California "Running to the Altar" Fundraiser which brought in over $20,000.

Ron and Maryann have been writing songs together for over 20 years, they are members of BMI. Their first composition, "It's Christmas" gets local air play during the holidays. Since it was recorded in 1979, the arrangement is Disco Style, they plan to re recorded it someday soon and change it to a ballad but Maryann likes the Disco Sound "Makes You Happy."

Another song, "The Blindman That Could See" was written in memory of Ron's father Nick. Nick came from Italy as a young man and while working an accident occurred that led to blindness. He was a wonderful musician and remarkable man; their song is a tribute to his strength and courage.

Maryann states: "Each song is like a new painting or having a baby, you start with an empty canvass and it grows into something wonderful."

Ron and Maryann are so excited about "I Do". As, perhaps, the first ceremonial gay wedding song written by a straight couple, it's making history and as Maryann quotes "I love singing I Do because it makes so many people happy."

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