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Advocacy News - Queen's U looking for same-sex couples

February 15, 2021

Queen's U looking for same-sex couples
Study looks at sexual and relationship satisfaction

The Sexual Health Research Laboratory at Queen's University is in the process of recruiting participants for a queer-friendly study that is conducted online. Undergraduate honours student Katherine Alexander is looking for married or cohabiting same-sex couples as she conducts her thesis regarding the psychosexual functioning of LGB individuals.

The study is supervised by Dr. Caroline Pukall, Department of Psychology, Queen’s University. The research involves assessing body image, sexual functioning and relationship satisfaction among married and cohabiting couples.

Participating same-sex couples must be married or the couples must have been cohabiting for at least 6 months. Fluency in English is required.

Before accessing the online survey, participants will first be assessed for eligibility during a preliminary telephone conversation. Questionnaires will pertain to:

  • body image,
  • sexual function,
  • sexual satisfaction,
  • relationship satisfaction, and
  • commitment to your partner.

Upon completion of the study all participants are given the option to enter themselves in an optional draw for one of three $100 cash prizes.

Katherine has agreed to share her findings with the readers of Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples, following the study's conclusion.

Further information about the study is available here.

Please contact the Sexual Health Research Laboratory at 613-533-3276, or at shrl@post.queensu.ca, if you would like to participate in the study or if you have any questions.

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