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Advocacy News - Putting a cork in M.P. discrimination

January 24, 2005

Putting a cork in M.P. discrimination
Businesses targeted if Members against equality

While it is always good to write, phone, or visit your Member of Parliament to voice your support for same-sex marriage, actions speak louder than words. We recently received some emails from Ontario resident Anthony Carlucci, telling us how he and a friend have initiated a boycott of businesses that are based within political ridings held by MPs who are promoting discrimination against gays and lesbians, in hope of motivating businesses to speak out against MP discrimination.

"A friend and I have started to boycott businesses that operate in Conservative and Liberal ridings that do not support gay marriage," Anthony wrote to us. "I live in Stoney Creek - [Tony] Valerie territory, his office said they would support the bill. But we used to shop in Grimsby, Ontario which is a Conservative riding. On Friday night, I went to the grocers (Sobey's), Shopper's Drug Mart and the Pet Food Store and advised the management that I will not be shopping there [any] longer as their federal MP is not voting for the bill. The Sobey's manager said their insurable company covers same-sex benefits, as did Shopper's Drug Mart. I replied, I appreciate that, but the message has to be to the MP that people are going to stop shopping there.

"On the way home, my friend and I said that we are also going to boycott Ontario Wine ... most of the Ontario Wineries are located in the Conservative ridings. We urge others to boycott these businesses, but also to let the businesses know why they are being boycotted. And if these businesses care, [they will] let their MP's know what's happening.

"Just two guys trying to do our part. We hope this catches on, maybe you have the power to encourage others to do so."

Anthony has sent the following email to Ontario wineries and their Members of Parliament:

Your Winery is Being Boycotted

A letter to Angels Gate Winery, Caroline Cellars, Cave Spring, Chateau Des Charmes, Colio Winery, and Diamond Wines

As most of you may be aware, the federal government is considering passing same-sex marriage legislation. Your Member of Parliament has chosen to vote against this legislation. As a result, I am proposing any winery in a riding with a Member of Parliament against this legislation will be boycotted by those in support of the legislation.

You may be saying this is unfair to you, as some of you may offer same-sex benefits to your employees, and some of you may be gay, lesbian yourself. However, a strong message has to be sent to your member of parliament.

Right-wing fundamental religious groups at first said they did not want this legislation to go through because they would be forced to marry gays and lesbians. Considering the Supreme Court's recent reference, the proposed legislation protects churches from marrying gays and lesbians. Now, their true colours of the fundamentals is coming to light, they got what they wanted, but now they want more - an all out ban on same sex marriage.

Members of the gay and lesbian community have supported your businesses. Many of us take a drive into wine country and load up our cars, SUV's etc with your yummy wine. When our friends come from abroad, a trip to an Ontario winery or two, or three, is always on the agenda ...

Help us persuade your Member of Parliament to do the right thing, vote for equality. We don't need special or extra rights, we just want equal rights. We pay taxes, in some cases more taxes as we don't have the tax credits most families with children have - but that's okay, just give us our equal rights.

[A] copy of this email has been forwarded to your Member of Parliament, as well as many gay and lesbian publications /advocacy groups and restaurants to get the message out - Boycott Ontario Wineries. If you contact your Member of Parliament please forward a copy of your message to this email.


January 24, 2005

Mr. Carlucci I will save this email and show it to groups we have supported in the past such as Aids Niagara and A Taste for Life in Ottawa and let them figure out why Harbour Estates no longer feels obliged to support such causes. I can only believe you are acting unilaterally with such a ridiculous scheme as this. Use your own groups to lobby your causes, wineries have enough of their own issues to deal with.

Fraser Mowat
President HEW

See other email in January's mail.

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