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Just Married:
Gay Marriage and the Expansion of Human Rights

This book's genesis began with a phone call made by the Rev. Brent Hawkes. Our pastor's offer to marry us turned into an opportunity to do more than anyone expected. Support and empowerment from the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto gave us the confidence to add our voice to the international debate over equal marriage for same-sex couples. Ian Taylor, from Never Say "No Comment" Inc., consulted with us as we ventured into this unfamiliar public role, and he later took part in early discussions about the framework of this book.

Our friend John Gowdy and his sister Barbara Gowdy introduced us to Jackie Kaiser, our literary agent at Westwood Creative Artists, who built a bridge to the publishing world for us. Welcoming us on the other side was Meg Taylor, our editor at Doubleday Canada, and the enthusiastic team led by Maya Mavjee and including Mark Veldhuizen, Belinda Kemp, and Randy Chan. Special thanks to Gloria Goodman, who broadened our horizons, to Sue Thomas, for her fabulous text design, and to Shaun Oakey, copy editor extraordinaire.

George Olds shared his research on gay and lesbian rights in Canada. The firm McGowan Elliott & Kim provided consultation on the legal issues. Friends and family tolerated intrusions into their lives. In particular, we want to thank those we interviewed for this book, including: Beverly Bourassa, Margaret Bourassa, Gail Donnelly and Barb McDowall, Angela Genereaux, Douglas Elliott, Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, and Anne and Elaine Vautour.

Several friends contributed their photography to this project, including Cecile Chapelain, Chris Clark, Ebony Sager, Carolyn Swadron, and Ken Tong. Carolyn Swadron and Bill Wrigley kindly read our first draft.

Our experience is a single step in a much longer journey that so many people have undertaken before us. We have been inspired by advocates for equality and challenged by their legacy to further expand human rights. In writing this book, we were privileged to work with so many people whose generosity and dedication were similarly inspired. Together, we hope to make the way easier for those who will follow.

                                               Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell
Toronto 2002