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Equality - In Our Faiths - News from 2002

June 15, 2021

Anglican Church
Anglican Church Approves Same-sex Unions

The Diocese of New Westminster (British Columbia) and Bishop Ingham vote to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and sends a message to the government of Canada.One year ago, Michael Ingham, the bishop for the diocese of Vancouver, predicted same-sex unions would happen in some churches sooner rather than later. At a national meeting in Ontario, Ingham apologized to the gay community and told the other Anglican clergy he was sorry for the mistreatment of gays and lesbians by the church.

Today, Bishop Ingham's diocese of New Westminster, British Columbia, passed a motion to introduce same-sex unions, with 215 in favour and 129 against. It is the first Canadian diocese to formally authorize such a blessing and it does so without opposition from national Anglican leaders.

The Anglican Church has ensured that all sides have been represented in discussions and particular care has been taken to ensure that dissenters in the minority have been respectfully considered and accommodated. Each individual parish and priest or lay person can opt out according to their own faith and conscience. Further, a Canadian bishop from outside the diocese will be available as an "episcopal visitor" to offer pastoral care to priests or parishes who are uncomfortable with the change. In that way, they don't have to deal with Bishop Ingham if they don't wish to, and everyone's dignity remains intact.

We believe the Anglican Church has shown the way for other faith groups, who still remain hostile towards homosexuals, to tolerate differences. Over time, as the two sides get to know one another more, they will reconcile in faith and love.

A year ago, Bishop Ingham said if the Anglican Church recognizes gay and lesbian marriages, the provincial and federal governments should too. The Canadian Human Rights Commission agree. The Law Commission of Canada agree. The Quebec government is unanimous in their agreement.

Congratulations Michael Kalmuk & Kelly Montfort:  External link to the Diocese of New WestminsterPlease consider showing your support and appreciation to the Diocese of New Westminster. They have sent an important message across Canada and around the world.

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February 12, 2002

Religion vs. Sexual Orientation:
A Clash of Human Rights?

(Bertha Wilson Lecture, 2002)

Religion vs. Sexual Orientation - Lecture By Dr. Robert WintemuteDr. Robert Wintemute, from King's College, School of Law at the University of London delivered this year's Bertha Wilson lecture at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Dr. Wintemute examined the issues confronting faith communities when religious dogma promotes discriminatory practices against LGBT individuals by secular institutions.

Read an account of Dr. Wintemute's address

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