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Equality - In Our Faiths - News from 2004

October 18, 2021

Apologies for ending faith-based bigotry

Apologies for ending faith-based bigotry - Bishop InghamThe Anglican Church released the "Windsor Report" today, criticizing Canadian Bishop Ingham for his support of same-sex couples. The report called for an apology, and the end of blessing same-sex unions. Bishop Ingham has already complied with the first demand, on live TV. Churches in England are becoming pubs as the developed world abandons toxic religions.

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September 28, 2004

Catholic bishops of bigotry at tax trough

Catholic Bishops of Bigotry at the tax trough: Church fears gay marriage will lead to income loss.The Canadian Catholic Bishops will argue against gay marriage at next month's Supreme Court of Canada examination of proposed legislation that will roll-out gay marriage to the remaining have-not provinces. A church court document reveals the real concern of the Bishops of Bigotry: money. Will Canada fund a church that works against human rights?

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August 6, 2021

Putting the smackdown on Sister Gramick

Putting the Smackdown on Sister GramickSister Jeannine Gramick may be one of those women that the Vatican and Cardinal Ratzinger considers "lethal". Why else would the Inquisition take a personal interest in her activities, resulting in a demand that she remain silent on issues of faith and homosexuality? Gramick has refused to be Ratzinger's victim. The nun continues to wrestle with Rome over gay rights, same-sex marriage, and faith-based bigotry.

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July 31, 2021

The lethal effects of women who seek power

The lethal effects of woman who seek power.  The Vatican attacks same-sex marriage again.One year after the Vatican disgraced itself around the world with its hateful attack on gay marriage, the spiritually abusive men in Rome are up to mischief again. Today, Cardinal Ratzinger, head of the Inquisition, released a letter addressed to Catholic Bishops around the world, explaining the "lethal" effects of women who seek power. The Vatican blames feminists for "a new model of polymorphous sexuality."

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June 3, 2021

Canadian Anglicans decide not to decide

Canadian Anglicans decide not to decide on whether to bless same-sex unions.While Canada makes progress with same-sex marriage, Canadian Anglicans decided not to decide whether they will affirm a national position in support of blessing same-sex unions. Some "welcoming" Anglican communities bless same-sex unions (and at least one same-sex marriage has been performed ), but delegates at the national General Synod delayed taking a position for at least 3 more years.

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May 12, 2021

Alberta's Lutheran Church and gay marriage

Alberta's Lutheran Church debates gay marriage.The movement for gay marriage has led faith communities around the world to question their position on same-sex marriage, homosexuality, and other issues that touch on core values and beliefs. Some faiths shut down discussion. Others, like the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada's Synod of Alberta have engaged debate. The May 2004 edition of Synod Forum features supporter Vaughn Roste's faith-based appeal.

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April 23, 2021

Unitarians will intervene at Supreme Court

Unitarians will speak for same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court of CanadaThe Supreme Court of Canada has granted the Canadian Unitarian Council intervener status at October's review of new same-sex marriage legislation for the remaining Canadians living without access to equal marriage. The Unitarian's team will now begin working on their legal presentation, but J. McRee Elrod's affidavit indicates the Unitarians will argue against religious dogma and for constitutional rights.

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April 23, 2021

United Church to appear in Supreme Court

United Church will support same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court of CanadaThe United Church of Canada, the country's largest Protestant denomination, has been granted the right to intervene in the Supreme Court hearing (Oct. 2004) on same-sex marriage. "Christian morality and religious principles require that same-sex couples have access to the same marriage rights as opposite-sex couples," the United Church says. Read how the church responds to court reference questions.

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April 12, 2021

Constitutional democracy or theocracy?

Same-sex marriage: separation of church and stateAnti-gay religious groups continue to experience a long series of set-backs in court. The highest courts of Canada and Quebec have declined appeals of same-sex marriage cases from faith groups because the groups represent private interests. A judge in San Francisco shut out another anti-gay group for similar reasons. Gay marriage underscores the need to maintain the separation of church and state.

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March 24, 2021

The Bible and same-sex marriage

The Bible and same-sex marriageWe continue our series of articles that examine the relationship between gay marriage and the Bible. Author Christopher Hubble contributes an article that debunks biblical sexual proscriptions against homosexuality. "In fact, the Bible hosts an abundance of same-sex intimate relationships and holy unions. The story of David and Jonathan is one of several queer-friendly stories in the Bible. Ruth and Naomi is another."

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March 5, 2021

"Cruel and unusual punishment"

Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto suspends priest for support of same-sex marriage.After 42 years of service to the Catholic Church, Rev. Tim Ryan has been suspended for agreeing to our request to provide an affidavit in support of same-sex marriage. The suspension began last month, but the Archdiocese announced it yesterday in an effort to discredit the Priest's possible involvement in a Supreme Court of Canada hearing later this year. We spoke to Rev. Ryan about this troubling punishment.

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January 27, 2021

Database of clergy for same-sex marriage

A database of clergy in support of same-sex marriage has been developed  by us, on behalf of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto for Canadians for Equal MarriageA database to hold contact information of clergy who are supportive of same-sex marriage has been created for advocacy purposes. We developed the repository, under the sponsorship of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, for the coalition of Canadians For Equal Marriage. If you are a member of Canadian clergy, we encourage you to let us know of your support for equal marriage.

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January 23, 2021

Biblical marriage - a bad source for debate

Biblical Marriage - Why the Bible is a bad source for the same-sex marriage debate.The main resistance to same-sex marriage in Canada comes from extremist religious groups (Catholic Church, fundamentalists, etc.) who want to impose faith-based bigotry in the secular world. But is the Bible a good source to use in the gay marriage debate? Theologian Vaughn Roste reviewed 825 verse references and discovered a "misogynistic and repulsive" Biblical concept of marriage. Times change.

Read "Biblical marriage: a bad source for the marriage debate

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