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Marriage equality in our world


"Alliance for Marriage President Matt Daniels says American culture is about to be hit by the equivalent of a tidal wave. That's how Daniels describes the legalization of gay marriage, which is under way in Canada and could soon be mandated by U.S. courts as well."
Associated Press, June 24, 2021

"Like it or not, Canada's decision sets the stage for a new wave of legal challenges here."
The Oregonian, June 21, 2021

Although many countries have begun introducing Registered Domestic Partnerships (RDPs) for gay and lesbian couples, these forms of relationship recognition are not equal to marriage.

We only list countries where same-sex couples have the right to marry (in the entire country, or in part).

The world's first legally recognized same-sex marriages were performed on January 14, 2021 in Toronto. They were deemed to be legal, as of that date, by order of the Court of Appeal for Ontario on June 10, 2003, setting off court victories across Canada. The Netherlands became the first country to legalze same-sex marriage, on April 1, 2001.

Access to same-sex marriage was won in the courts of Ontario , British Columbia, Quebec, the Yukon, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland / Labrador and New Brunswick before Parliament and the Senate finally codified the new definition of marriage into Canadian law, with royal assent on July 20, 2005.