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Veteran gay activist [Michael] Hendricks and [René] LeBoeuf have mortgaged their home to cover legal fees that have already topped $160,000. Montreal’s gay community raised an additional $7,500 at a Feb 6 [2002] dinner benefit. “The biggest support outside Quebec is from Ontario couples visiting Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell’s www.equalmarriage.ca website,” Hendricks says.
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"Human rights do not begin or end at a nation's borders. Human rights and human dignity are universal and inevitable."

Jerry Shestack, Past President American Bar Association, and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission. May 6, 2002, Toronto

No matter where you live, please support our effort to end marriage discrimination by helping to pay for legal and advocacy expenses as we fight for equality and human rights.

  • There are no administration costs for mailed donations. One hundred per cent of your mailed donation will go directly to the causes supported by our trust funds.
  • A service provider (PayPal) charges us a fee to process online donations. The service provider subtracts their processing fee, before transferring online donations to Equal Marriage trust account.
  • This web site is financed by Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell. Any revenue generated from linkage placements (e.g., Google links) are payable directly to the Equal Marriage Pride trust account.Link to Bruce E. Walker Law Office
  • Toronto lawyer and philanthropist Bruce Walker has agreed to manage two trust accounts on behalf of Equal Marriage For Same-sex Couples, without fee.
  • Your donations are for an important legal cause, however the government does not consider "advocacy" to be charitable work. A tax receipt will not be issued.
  • Each contribution will be acknowledged on our web site, by name, unless the donor requests to be listed as "anonymous". Donations will be acknowledged with a card from Kevin and Joe.
  • A running total will be maintained, and we will report amounts received by each marriage case.

Please give generously:

Please help us pay for our advocacy expenses in support of same-sex marriage.