Your marital name in Ontario; how to change your name after a same-sex marriage.

Supreme Court of Canada ruling on prenuptials adds to the landscape of marriage .

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Legal Canada - Thinking of getting married in Canada?

September 14, 2005

Thinking of getting married in Canada?

Getting married in Canada?

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On June 10, 2003, the high court of Ontario, Canada's most populous province, ruled that the exclusion of same-sex couples from civil marriage infringes human dignity, harms families, and violates the constitution. The court ordered The morning after - a new reality with same-sex marriagean immediate end to this cruel discrimination. Within hours, same-sex couples began marrying. Other provinces followed soon after, until finally, marriage became legal for same-sex couples across all of Canada on July 20, 2005.

You do not have to be Canadian or live in Canada to get married here. Details about where to get a marriage licence vary by province. Contact the city hall of your chosen destination and ask for assistance.

If you are seeking a religious marriage, all Metropolitan Community Churches and Unitarian Fellowships will marry same-sex couples. Most United Churches will marry same-sex couples or recommend a church that will. Our faiths section of this web site outlines religious groups who support equal marriage.

For further information follow the links below (suggestions welcome):

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto Weddings

How can you get married in Ontario? First, go to a city hall and ask for a marriage licence. Fill out the application, pay your $110 fee and obtain your validated licence. Finally to get married you require:

  • a justice of the peace to marry you (the clerk at the marriage licence application desk can give directions), or
  • a church willing to perform the marriage ceremony (Metropolitan Community Churches, Unitarian churches, and some United churches are already performing marriages for same-sex couples).

External link to the Metropolitan Community Church of TorontoReverend Dr. Brent Hawkes, senior pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto will marry same-sex couples.

The simplified wedding takes about 10 minutes, or the couple can include a scripture reading and a prayer in a 20 minute ceremony:

  • The fee for either service is $300 (a minimum payment of $150 in cash, the remaining can be paid using credit/debit cards).
  • A valid Ontario Marriage License is required.
  • The weddings will take place at MCC Toronto
  • Participants must meet with an MCC Toronto wedding coordinator prior to the wedding day.

Contact Bill Estey (416-406-6228 extension 170) to schedule a wedding.

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