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Legal News - The new normal in Newfoundland

December 21, 2004

The new normal in Newfoundland
Gay marriage is the perfect message at Christmas

Newfoundland became Canada's eighth region to end discrimination against gays and lesbians today when a court confirmed that the common law definition of marriage has changed to two persons, and it is illegal to deny couples access to marriage. Same-sex marriage is legal in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Yukon.

It's a wonderful, positive message, perfect for this Christmas season of love, peace, and good will to all (a message lost on groups and individuals who continue to promote faith-based bigotry, to their detriment).

The decision caused barely a ripple in today's news, compared to the 7 court decisions that have provided breakthroughs elsewhere in Canada. The Dec. 9th decision from the Supreme Court of Canada has made it clear that the remaining provinces and territories that still discriminate will be forced to change, either by the courts or by Parliament (whichever comes first). This, perhaps, is the biggest news of all: gay marriage is quickly becoming normal in Canada.

As gays and lesbians gain acceptance, opponents of human rights are in sharp contrast with their absurd and mean tactics and arguments. We can only hope that they are spending millions of dollars and hours campaigning against marriage equality. It's money and time, poorly spent, that won't be available to attack other issues, like women's rights, stem cell research, etc.

It's just one more gift that the movement for gay marriage is giving to Canadian society. Merry Christmas!

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