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The Supreme Court of Canada decision
October 9, 2021




For equal marriage:

The Attorney General of Canada's Memorandum of argument

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto
Memorandum of argument

Affidavit of Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto

Affidavit of Mary Bennett
Canadian Unitarian Coucil

Affidavit of Rev. Sara Boyles
Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity

Affidavit of Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo
Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church

Affidavit of Dr. Tim Ryan
Catholic Priest, Scarboro Foreign Mission

Affidavit of Rev. Rick McCutcheon
Presiding Clerk - Quakers

Affidavit of Marlene Jennings, M.P.

Affidavit of Svend Robinson, M.P.


Against equal marriage:

Notice of application to appeal and stay

Interfaith Coalition leave to appeal

The Association For Marriage and the Family Memorandum of argument

The Interfaith Coalition on Marriage and Family Memorandum of argument

Affidavit of Darrel Reid

Affidavit of Bruce Clemenger

Affidavit of Derek Lee, M.P.

Affidavit of John McKay, M.P.

Affidavit of Vic Toews, M.P.




Blind Justice - Ontario Court of Appeal accused of bias.







The Inquisition targets same-sex marriage - Document promotes hate



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Legal Canada - Blind Faith

August 20, 2003

Blind Faith
Faith-based bigotry seeks state support

"I have been a practising Catholic my whole life, despite the church's indefensible positions on contraception, the role of women and divorce, and despite the widespread sex-abuse scandals. I believe that we, the people, are the church, not the out-of-touch hierarchy ... At Sunday mass, when we were invited to sign Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic's antigay-marriage petition to Parliament, I realized I cannot remain silent, I cannot in good conscience attend mass at that church any longer, and I may not be able find a spiritual home in any parish in Toronto."
Ellen Hodnett, The Globe and Mail, Aug. 20, 2003

"In past centuries, theologians and the Church used to consider women as being less human than men because of ignorance about reproduction. No one would dare suggest such a concept now. For centuries the Church tolerated slavery, and, once again, no one would dare suggest such a concept now... If Parliament and the Supreme Court agree to law reforms that will give the country same-sex marriage, it will be only one more example of the state respecting the individualís freedom to chose without impinging on the freedom of churches or other faith communities to do their best to persuade people to behave otherwise. This should not offend churches and other faith communities."
Rev. Scott Gale, St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Thunder Bay, The Chronicle-Journal, Aug. 20, 2003

In a motion, dated August 13, 2003, the Interfaith Coalition on Marriage and Family filed a notice of application for leave to appeal the June 10th Court of Appeal for Ontario decision that introduced same-sex marriage to Canada.

The Interfaith Coalition is comprised of:

  • The Islamic Society of North America
  • The Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • The Catholic Civil Rights League
  • The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

The coalition objects to the "sudden and profound" introduction of same-sex marriage, stating that the decision "has created significant confusion in the Canadian polity". The court, they claim, erred by treating marriage "as though it were an ordinary common law rule", which of course it is. We are unaware of special uncommon law rules.

The Interfaith Coalition claims that if the Court of Appeal for Ontario decision is allowed to stand, it will "unreasonably fetter Parliament's ability to choose among alternative, constitutionally viable legislative regimes". They also claim that religious freedom is at risk (which most thoughtful Canadians know is untrue). Has a Catholic church ever been forced to marry a divorcee?

According to this coalition, the decision will "alienate clergy who can no longer, in good conscience, act as agents of the state in solemnizing marriages, and ostracize religious adherents out of full participation in Canadian life."

Yes, faith-based bigotry will no longer by supported by the state, and that is the real problem for these folks.

"The decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal will have a major impact, both in the Canadian faith communities represented by the applicant and for all Canadians."

Over time it will become more and more unacceptable to denigrate homosexuals, just as it is no longer acceptable to speak of racial minority groups in the way these groups speak of gays and lesbians.

In an affidavit from the Coalition, Bruce Clemenger, president of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada cites Catholic Studies director Daniel Cere's comment: "legal affirmation of same-sex marriage will lead to fundamental disconnect between religious communities and the law on the question of marriage."

The Catholic Church wants state law and church dogma to be one and the same. If that were so, we would not have divorce in Canada, nor birth control. Condoms would be illegal and HIV/AIDS would reach the horrific levels of Africa, here in Canada.

Clemenger then cites Ernest Caparros, professor of law at the University of Ottawa to claim that it is not possible "to view civil marriage as completely distinct from religious marriage given the intermeshed nature of the civil and religious interrelationship in Canada."

That will be a surprise to many who seek, or have had, a civil marriage. According to these religious extremists, no marriage is non-religious. Furthermore, allowing gays to marry "will necessarily exclude us from our own institution as a result of our religious faith and traditions."

Spiritual abuse by the Catholic ChurchIn essence, the document claims that if we're allowed in the pool, the people this Coalition claims to represent will no longer swim. But gays and lesbians have been marrying in Ontario since June. We are unaware of any Catholic weddings that been cancelled as a result.

Most outrageous of all, these intolerant people claim that the Canadian tradition of tolerance would be harmed. You see, faith-based bigots may be seen as "un-Canadian" or "anti-Canadian", leading to negative reactions if they espoused their anti-gay beliefs in public.

Well, duh! Yes, bigotry is increasingly becoming inappropriate in society. The day has indeed arrived where it is unacceptable to speak of gays and lesbians in the same way that these groups spoke of blacks in years gone by, thankfully. Faith-based bigots can no longer expect to see their views validated by democratic, constitutional governments.

Vatican collaboration with the Nazis; What history teaches us about attacks on freedom and same-sex marriage.Nor can they expect stores to be closed on Sunday, or interest fees and alcohol to be banned, nor can they enjoy public beheadings or maiming, and Canadian women are free to appear in public without a veil, despite the rules of these religious groups. Thank god.

Bigots will always be free to spout their views, as long as they are not promoting hatred (where applicable by law!). But they can no longer expect our government to echo their distasteful outlook on life. The public sphere is being cleansed of their polluting influence, and soon too, their own faith communities will take on the task of purging prejudice from their own midst.

The Supreme Court of Canada should stop coddling this group of meddlers. Their voices have been heard time and time again, and they have been solidly and consistently rejected. Their appeal should not be entertained. Three provinces and ten justices have already spoken.

This coalition has nothing to fear, but themselves. Their ignorance and prejudice will continue to harm their reputations and their well-being, until they recognize their own failures and correct their ways. So it has always been, as we make progress in our collective spiritual and social development.

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