Quebec becomes the third province in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage

The court decision (in French)





"The writing is on the wall for those who oppose equal marriage rights.The contrast with what's happening in Bush's America is striking ...He should look north and ask, 'defend it [marriage] from what? As every day goes by Canadians see the sky hasn't fallen."
M.P. Svend Robinson, CNN,
March 19, 2004





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Legal News Canada - Quebec - Same-sex marriage is legal in Quebec!

March 19, 2004

Same-sex marriage is legal in Quebec!
Court confirms rest of Canada should follow

"The judgment declares as a matter of principle that the judgments in the courts of one province, when they deal with the validity of federal statutes and where the attorney general of Canada was involved, have effect elsewhere."
Lawyer Colin Irving, March 19, 2021

Congratulations to Michael Hendricks and René LeBoeuf and all their supporters for today's tremendous victory. We received the following note today from our friends and fellow advocates who have been working for years on behalf of same-sex marriage in Quebec. The couple have also been active supporters of our effort in Ontario.

The Quebec Court of Appeal has upheld the Lemelin decision [Quebec's lower court] and struck down the delay so equal marriage is the law of Quebec as of today. This means that the first part (section 1,1) of the Modernization Act (which defines marriage as between a man and woman) is stuck down with the Harmonization Act (section 5,1), which defines marriage in Quebec as between a man and woman, is stuck as well. They also granted the mandamus and ordered the court clerk to accept our application for civil marriage.

Michael Hendricks and René LeBoeuf

At 2:30 PM we are going down to the Courthouse to submit our application for a marriage licence (for the third time --- once in 1998, again in 2000) but with a lawyer and a court order. The 20 day posting of the bans still applies so we will be able to marry on or after April 7. [Michael and René were able to get permission to wave the 20 day waiting period, due to their long public battle in the courts and they will be married on April 1, 2021 in honour of the date same-sex marriages became legal in the Neterlands].

A clean sweep.

But the best part is that the 5 judge court ruled unanimously that the Ontario decision (Halpern) applies to all the provinces since it is about a federal issue and went uncontested. This is a first and means (on paper) that equalMichael Hendricks and Rene Lebeouf invite you to Quebec's 1st legal same-sex marriage. marriage now is legal in every province.

Thanks to all of you folks who have supported us over the last 5 and one-half years!

Michael Hendricks and René LeBoeuf

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