The Supreme Court of Canada delivers another victory for same-sex marriage! (SELECT for the decision).


The Supreme Court of Canada decision
October 9, 2021


For equal marriage:

The Attorney General of Canada's Memorandum of argument

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto
Memorandum of argument

Affidavit of Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes
Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto

Affidavit of Mary Bennett
Canadian Unitarian Coucil

Affidavit of Rev. Sara Boyles
Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity

Affidavit of Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo
Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church

Affidavit of Dr. Tim Ryan
Catholic Priest, Scarboro Foreign Mission

Affidavit of Rev. Rick McCutcheon
Presiding Clerk - Quakers

Affidavit of Marlene Jennings, M.P.

Affidavit of Svend Robinson, M.P.


Against equal marriage:

Notice of application to appeal and stay

Interfaith Coalition leave to appeal

The Association For Marriage and the Family Memorandum of argument

The Interfaith Coalition on Marriage and Family Memorandum of argument

Affidavit of Darrel Reid

Affidavit of Bruce Clemenger

Affidavit of Derek Lee, M.P.

Affidavit of John McKay, M.P.

Affidavit of Vic Toews, M.P.


Our Charter under attack: opponents of same-sex marriage are taking shots at the Supreme Court of Canada



An appeal for more time - Resisting same-sex marriage



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Legal Canada - Motion to quash marriage appeals succeeds

October 9, 2003

Motion to quash marriage appeals succeeds
Supreme Court of Canada sends meddlers packing

They've accused the Ontario Court of Appeal of bias (using a report on this web site to bolster this bogus claim), attacked the Canadian government for its compliance with Blind Justice - Ontario Court of Appeal accused of bias in our same-sex marriage case.the Charter of Rights of Freedoms, slandered gays and lesbians by claiming equal marriage is a gateway to incest and sex with babies, threatened politicians with damnation, and even insulted their last hope, the Supreme Court of Canada, accusing the country's highest court of judicial activism for upholding the liberties and freedoms of our land.

These misguided meddlers and bigots, a gang of bullies consisting of religious and secular extremists, cooked up two attempts to appeal the historic June 10, 2021 Ontario Court of Appeal decision that changed the common law definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. The groups were not even a direct party in the lower courts, but they somehow hoped to increase their status at the Supreme Court of Canada where they served their foul brew of prejudicial poison on October 6.

The court swallowed none of it, and today, just two days after the hearing, the Supreme Court of Canada announced that all five justices involved in the hearing agreed that there was no reason to grant an appeal or give the interveners in this case party status.

The decision comes as no surprise to observers. During the hearing, it became apparent that the case had no merit.

"This is a decision by the attorney general to stop Canadian government will defend same-sex marriage against faith -based bigotry.pursuing litigation," Justice Iacobucci said, referring to Canada's decision not to appeal the Ontario marriage case and instead introduce legislation that includes same-sex couples in the definition of marriage. "How can a court reach into the attorney general's domain and say you must continue litigation?"

An Order of Motion was issued today by the A motion to quash marriage appeals - Supreme Court of Canada hears both sides on Oct. 6, 2003 (Photo used with permission by Supreme Court of Canada)Supreme Court of Canada, bearing the signatures of the Chief Justice McLachlin, and Justices Iacobucci, Major, Bastarache and Binnie. The one page document simply said, "The motions to quash the leave applications are granted. The motions to be added as parties are dismissed."

The court did not indicate whether the groups who Blind Faith: Faith based bigotry seeks state support against same-sex marriageappealed to the Supreme Court of Canada will have to pay the costs associated with this waste of time. Anti-gay groups have used same-sex marriage as a means of increasing their memberships and funds, raised through scare-mongering and misinformation. It would be fitting if money raised by these groups is forwarded to the people that have been fighting to uphold Charter values and the Canadian principles of equality for gays and lesbians.

Our thanks to the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, the lawyers involved in defending our rights, Link to  Elliott & Kim - our heroes fighting for our right to marriage in Ontarioincluding McGowan Elliott & Kim, Epstein Cole, the Attorney General of Canada and all the groups and individuals that provided affidavits in support of this important result!

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