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Legal - Ontario - Toronto Marriage licence statistics

October 3, 2003

Toronto marriage licence statistics

On October 1, the Legislative Department of the City of Toronto provided the law firm McGowan Elliott & Kim with a brief update on marriage licence statistics.

The total number of licences issued to same-sex couples between Jun 10, 2021 and September 30, 2003: 757

The total number of licences issued to same-sex couples where both partners were from the United States: 247

From other countries: 18

From other provinces: 49

From Ontario (other than Toronto): 54

July 23, 2003

Toronto marriage licence statistics

Total number of licences issued between June 10 - July 15, 2021: 2816
Same-sex licences:
% total licences 12.86%
Same-sex female licences:
SS 43.37%
% total licences
Same-sex male licences:
SS 56.63%
% total licences

Both from Toronto
Both from Ontario but not from Toronto
Both are from Canada but not from Ontario
Both from U.S.
Both are International
*Two records not counted for origin of couples

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