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Air America Radio

External link to Equality California

Link to the Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts

External link to Equality Forum

Freedom to Marry -  The Journey To Justice (Turtle Time Productions)

Link to Marriage Equality - New York

External link to Rainbow Child - Virtual space for alternative families

The Freedom to Marry - Rites & Rights

External link to Tampa Bay Coalition

Wax Bush

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Links - Our American link partners

Our American link partners:

Alliance for same-sex marriage

Blue451.com - Where the women are

Course Resources On the Web (CROW)

Democratic Underground

DontAmend.com - Stop the constitutional amendment


Edmunds & Claery - Attorneys at Law - Southern California divorce? Expert family law legal assistance from a San Diego Divorce Lawyer

Equality in Marriage Institute / The commitment conversation

Family Gear - Celebrating all families

Family Pride Coalition

Freedom to Marry Collaborative

Freedom to Marry Foundation

Gay America

Gay and Lesbian Activists Association

Gay Civil Rights

Gay Life Community - at About.com

gaymarriages.us - Information for Toronto same-sex marriages

GayRites.net - The .Network for same-sex rituals

Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan (Bridgewater State College)

Human Rights Campaign

Lambda Legal - Fighting inequality

Law office of Bruce W. Nickerson - Lewd conduct and sex crimes

Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington

LGBT Social Work Caucus - Stony Brook - State U of N.Y.

Love Is Love Is Love - Margaret Cho's Marriage Equality Site

Love Makes a Family (Connecticut)

Marriage and Lasting Relationships

Marriage Equality

Marriage Fairness

Migratemate.com - movement rights meeting place

Marriage Laws (U.S. and International)

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry

Purple Hat Project (The)

Rachel Miller - Ending discrimination in church & society

Rainbow Law (Protect your relationship and your rights)

Rainbow Room (The) - Detroit, Michigan

SWISH - Straight Women in Support of Homos

Why You Should Give A Damn About Gay Marriage - Dr. Davina Kotulski

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