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A Selection Of Your Comments
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April 8, 2021

Greetings again from the West Coast.

I was checking the Focus on the Family website, and wouldn’t you know… they have a new “pro-family” website up, full of helpful tips on how to lobby your MP to vote against Bill C-38. I was inspired by their new website – just as I was by their “Equality Action Kit” – and made my own website.

Theirs you can visit at: www.marriagematters.ca. Mine you can visit at:


Just as with their Marriage Action Kit, all I had to change was “marriage” to “equality” to create a parody that’s actually useful in advancing the cause.

I assert no copyright to my equalitymatters website, please link and copy all you wish.


JP Boyd.

April 12, 2021

A lot of the conservative members in the Canadian House of Commons debate seem to be arguing that it is for legislators to decide whether to have same-sex marriage. But surely they are missing the point. Legislators decided that a generation ago, when the Canadian Parliament adopted the Charter and ... Parliament approved it.

All that is happening now is that people are coming to realise what the Charter means in the field of mariage law. And that is rightly a matter for the courts, not the legislature, to decide.

Best wishes in the cause!

Augur Pearce,

April 13, 2021

Wonderful news! We so appreciate being kept up to date with events in Canada-gives hope to people around the globe. It looks like we shall have to come to Canada ourselves in order to marry ! We are saving up for it!

Best wishes,

Laurence and Michael
London, England

April 15, 2021

Dear Kevin and Joe,

This is Michael C. writing from ... Colorado, to say congratulations on your award--and your part--in the celebration in Philadelphia at the end of the month! It's a testimony to the flow of information on the web that I received an e-mail earlier today with coverage of your participation, and your "history"--one that I didn't know before I read the article. And then, when I checked into the CBC on-line, there was an article by the two of you about Stephen Harper and his...er..."reception" in Parliament on the same-sex marriage issue. All in one brief time on-line!

I thought the coincidence was worth noting with a "greeting and best wishes!" ... So, safe journey and all good things to you! Thank you for your witness to equality and to the power of loving commitment. shalom and blessings,

Michael C.


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