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A Selection Of Your Comments
April 2002

January 2003 December 2002


From: anonymous
Subject: Another View
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2021 07:02:26 EDT


Legal Marriage for same sex couples i.e. recognition of relationship/legal obligations.


Legal definition of "marriage" as and between one man and one woman, for the reason of procreation, moral values, sanctity of "Family", protection of male/female roles


Are we looking at this from the right perspective? Rather than judging a relationship as immoral shouldn't we be looking at this from a legal and financial view?

Same sex relationships exist. We cannot deny nor debate this fact. They have existed for many thousands of years and will continue to exist whether you or I think they should. They are not going to go away because some in our society think they're immoral or the couples are destined for hell.

Are they destroying our sense of morals? No, how can they? We as a society have long lived beside same sex couples. Some we knew; others we didn't. Our society has not gone down hill because of homosexuality. Rather it is my belief our society has instead grown to accept many different views of what a family consists of. It was not that many years ago when a black and white couple were legally unable to marry because of moral values. Our judicial system deemed this as discrimination and the law was changed. Now we have many multi-racial couples who are raising children and leading productive lives. They are healthy loving families. Still many people in our world today think this shouldn't be so. Many with very prejudiced minds believe these families are against nature. God never intended races to blend. These individuals have a right to their opinions, no matter how bigoted. Simply
because a few in our society choose to believe in this manner does not negate the fact that these families do exist, they are a part of our society. They have not destroyed our moral values or changed the value of marriage.Neither will allowing same sex couples the legal right to marry.

Legal/Financial responsibilities:

Should it matter if a couple is male/female; female/female; male/male? No, a couple is two people who want to be together. That couple has a legal obligation for the choices they make in living together. Today there are virtually no legal responsibilities for same sex couples. The same sex
couple wants their legal rights. Why is our government them refusing to recognize the legal aspects?

I want to pose a few questions:

1. Who is legally responsible for a partner in a same sex relationship?

2. If a partner becomes ill or seriously injured who is responsible for the hospital bills?

3. When a partner dies who is legally responsible for the funeral costs? Is it the same sex partner or the family members of the deceased?

4. Many same sex couples have brought children into their relationships through adoption, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy or sperm donation. Who has the legal responsibilities for these children when the couples split up?

5. Who pays child support on these children? Maintains health insurance? Repays the Government when welfare is expended?

6. Are there any laws to ensure the "parent" pays their part the same as aheterosexual couples? Why should a person no matter the gender be able to just walk away from a child they were part of bringing into this world? While it may be true they did not carry the child or donate the sperm does
that make them any less responsible? Was it not a decision both adults made?

7. Aren't both parents in a heterosexual relationship who follows the same procedures to have a child held legally and financially responsible for that child?

8. Why should we as tax payers allow any person who has brought a child into this world not to be held responsible for that child? I am sure as studies have shown there are many same sex couples who are raising children together yet only one is legally liable for that child, why?

In closing I'd like to address one other issue. Many in our society hold the same sex couple under the rule of the bible. Using scripture to uphold their views of how and why these relationships are wrong. How many people in today's world follow the bible as their full and complete guide? As a Christian I know many thousands read our bibles, go to church and have a firm and profound relationship with God. How many of us will stop a couple from entering into a second, third, fourth or even fifth marriage? Can our legal
system stop them? No. Again I ask why? Re-marriage is not favored by God. In fact divorcing and remarrying is spoken against many, many times in the bible. Yet no one in our society is denied the right to marry due to this fact. You will find many churches teach you can marry more than one time. Other churches will teach it is a sin to marry more than once. If you've been married and divorced then you must stay single or else you've committed adultery. Yet these "opinions" are not legal nor given legal recognition.

Why should same sex marriage be subject to our bibles when adultery isn't?

Anonymous, the United States.
(If my employer found out I was in a same sex relationship I
could and would be fired.)

From: "Ron Turner" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2021 22:07:20 -0600

This is the sickest goddamned thing I ever heard of! The human rights outfit should be ashamed of what they did. The government should be horsewhipped for allowing all this qweer crap going on!!!

April 19, 2021

Recently my partner and I had to separate. She lives in the United States and I live in Canada. She stayed with me for 6 months and had to return to the United States because she would be arrested if she stayed any longer. She was trying to get a work visa but could not obtain one. I could not sponsor her because we were not married.

I think the government of Canada should open their eyes to the fact that people are people regardless of their sexual preference. When two people love each other they should be together and NO government, county should keep them apart. It should be the choice of the couple how they want to spend their life.

I will fight for same sex marriages in Canada until a law is passed. I
congratulate all who are fighting for this cause.