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A Selection Of Your Comments
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December 11, 2020

Just thought I would pass on that I came across your website today. Great job! My partner and I read your book on a recent trip to Scotland. It was great reading about story.

We have a website on our committment ceremony. We have placed a link to your website on the home page to the site.

Good luck with the fight!

Rick and Bob!

It's great to see you on the Internet with a positive voice for same-sex marriage. Congratulations on your effort and contribution. Your site has been included in our links section.

December 13, 2020

Hi there!

My name is Tony Pitman. I'm the spokesperson for a group in Australia called Marriage for All, fighting for same sex marriage. Unfortunately same sex marriage is a non issue over here, but we're trying to turn that around! I've just written an article arguing why everyone should support same sex marriage and am now sounding out some magazines here to see if I can get it published to (hopefully) spark a bit of interest in the issue.

In the meantime, I just wanted to send you a copy of a letter I sent recently to Jean Chretien arguing for same sex marriage, just so you know you have some overseas support.

Good luck with the campaign!


Tony Pitman

Thanks for your support Tony! We have included Marriage for All in our links section, and placed your letter to our PM online.

December 14, 2020

Dear Kevin and Joe,

We wish you a Merry Christmas with much happiness, prosperity and good health in 2003!

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to our community. You are our personal heroes.

Much love and admiration.
Michael, Arnold and Rosco (the Pug)

Michael D. Fein
Editor-The Gantseh Megillah

December 15, 2020


To the recognition of the unions of same sex couples in Colombia since the project was presented in Colombian Congress, we have been the target of all the conservative institution in the country. We need the support of the world to win a battle against discrimination.

You can learn more at (Spanish)
including the legal background, articles, antecedents, warnings of the opposition, concepts, etc.

Committee of impulse to the law project
We need your support and experience
Andrés Alberto Vásquez Moreno

Our human rights are indivisible and universal. We have linked to your web site, in solidarity with same-sex couples in Columbia, and hope to learn more of your organization's efforts. Please consider joining the International Lesbian and Gay Law Association in their effort to win our marriage rights around the world. Perhaps we can work together at the next conference in Toronto, in 2005.

December 15, 2020

Hello Kevin,

I just wanted to say thanks, even though its late! for helping me out with that sexual orientation interview I sent you. I wanted to wait until after my presentation to email you about it. I received 75% for my 40 minute presentation, I only lost marks for not talking loud enough. An awfully large percentage but your information helped me make it informative.

Thanks :o)


We are all learning to speak out!

December 26, 2020

Kevin & Joe - Just finished reading your book today, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful I found it to be. Sadly, I live in the US, and I found it amazing how different the civil rights legacies of our two countries are. I've always known how much more liberal and live-and-let-live Canadians are, but I learned so much reading your book. I'm still in shock that Canada de-criminalized sodomy in 1969. We'd only just had Stonewall! It's still illegal in most states here; there's another case which the Supreme Court just agreed to hear, but since this is the same Court that brought us the Bush coup, we are not very hopeful.

While I've never underestimated the capacity for hate inherent in the Roman Catholic church, I nevertheless found much of what you wrote about them appalling. How can they be so full of hatred, and how can so many people accept that? Even now, with all their sex-scandals, they do their best to pin it on us. Sigh.... But it was wonderful to learn how much less influence such religious-right types have in Canada, as compared to the US.

There's no place in this country for liberals, or gays, or women - much less a peace-loving liberal gay woman - so I am very much hoping to move to Toronto. There are many hoops to jump through in order to immigrate, but reading your story makes me even more sure that I'm doing the right thing by trying. Wish I could come as the political refugee I feel like!

Anyway, thanks for being out in front, and continuing to fight the good fight, and best of luck from one of your Southern neighbors!

St Paul, Minnesota

December 30, 2020

Hi, My name is Ryan, I am currently in high school and living in London. I'm not sure if this is a good idea but I though I would share it. I was thinking that it might be helpful to put together a letter calling on the committee to support same sex marriage, and post it on the website and have people from all across the country sign it, then mail it to Ottawa. Thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and offer us a suggestion. We have thought about putting a form letter for people to print and sign, or creating an online petition for people to sign. However, petitions are being created by others who are working for equality, such as EGALE (the national lobby group) and some university groups too (Memorial University comes to mind, in Newfoundland). Of course, those who oppose our right to marriage are also creating petitions. While such initiatives can help generate the "numbers" to show support, we believe that human rights do not require a "majority". Otherwise our rights would be subjected to tyranny of the majority.

Instead, we have taken a personal approach, believing that change happens one person at a time. Instead of a list of signatures or form letters, we are asking supporters to take the time to write their own letter, make their own phone call, or take their own initiative to start up conversations, initiatives, fund raisers etc. Thus we have created sections in our web site to help encourage people to participate, such as: to_help/writeletter.htm

We believe that a more personal approach can have a bigger impact on decision and opinion makers. However, we would certainly support your own innitiative to launch a campaign, should you decide to do so. Have you written a letter to the justice minister, the prime minister, and your local member of parliament? If not, please consider doing so! And encourage your friends and family to do the same. Thanks for your suggestion - and your support! In partnership for equality!