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A Selection Of Your Comments
February 2005

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February 1, 2021

I am watching with everything crossed…samesex marriage should be on the same level as other marriages. I applaud your work and determination.

Merica Chase
New Brunswick

February 2, 2021

Hello friends, I found your website after entering "same sex marriage" on google. I am a divorced straight woman and have been wondering why ANYONE would want to enter the "marriage bond" (!)

RDPs must not be used to as a separate regime for gays and lesbians.  CLICK to read an editorial written by Kevin Bourassa and Joe VarnellAfter seeing the happy couples pictured on your site and reading the letters about RDPs and exclusion, I now understand. (I've been so far away from such love for so long, I had forgotten about the joy). It started me thinking, how can same sex marriage advocates best explain the benefit of marriage (vs RDPs) to ignorant straight people like me?

I think that the "emergency room" type of story most succinctly and poignantly shows the need for marriage, and I think that EVERYONE should understand that love and marriage boils down to that. If your love were hurt or ill and taken to the hospital and you came later, and the nurses asked you who you are, the answer, I am his or her spouse - means you get to be with each other right then, when you both need to be together. No guessing or misunderstandings. Any other response could lead to delay or total exclusion.

I wrote, because I really think that this scenario is the best illustration of the need for same sex marriage - and I think it needs a lot more air time in the whole debate!

Thanks and all the best,

Catherine Pearse, Winnipeg

February 3, 2021

Hello! Your website is great! I heard about it on Metro Morning (CBC Radio) and have spent some time looking it over this morning. What I didn’t see what much discussion about the need for this Bill to pass because it is, clear and simple, a basic human rights issue and that it is not just Gays and Lesbians who are concerned that this law may be in jeopardy. I am a middle aged (God, I guess I am at 51!) divorced, straight woman living in downtown Toronto who feels very strongly in the rights for same sex couples to marry. I continue to be absolutely incredulous at the ignorance and bigotry that some people (the vast minority I am still sure!) who continue to hide behind their prejudice in a vain attempt to uphold “family values.” (Give me a break! – this issue is the one that makes me shout at my radio every morning!!!)

Please know that heterosexuals support this change in law too and, quite frankly, the government needs to hear our voices (as well as those from the Gay community) in order to convince the members or parliament that this bill must be passed! Is there anything being planned to rally together people from all sexual orientations and genders? (I feel like we should be demonstrating in the streets!) Average Canadians who share my views are not organized under any one umbrella and I can’t imagine that one letter from me will really change anyone’s mind. What can I do to help? I just want to offer any support I can! I am so proud that I live in a country that is taking a lead on protecting the rights of all its citizens! The thought that this change in legislation may be defeated because a vocal, narrow-minded but extremely well-organized minority is taking over, absolutely breaks my heart! There are many many others who feel as I do. I just wanted you to know!

Yours truly.

Jane Gilmour

There are many ways to help and get involved. It all begins with you. If you decide to launch an initiative, let us know, and we'll provide any assistance we can.

February 3, 2021

I found your website while doing a project for English. I'm a bisexual teenager who, despite having gone to Gay Pride Parades, and showing open support for the cause, has let very few to no people know about my own not-quite-straight attractions. Maybe this sounds weird, but while I can accept homosexuality and bisexuality in other people, I can't seem to accept this part of myself. I go to Pride Parades, but I'm not proud; I'm ashamed. I can openly read a poem in English class, in a Catholic highschool, about supporting same-sex marriage, and about being bisexual, but I can't admit that the poem is more than half about myself.

I've been looking for RYC [Rainbow Youth Canada] groups in my area, because I have recently realized that I've been rejecting myself. I'll openly make a fool of myself over some guy I'm barely attracted to, just to avoid mentioning that my other, major crush, just happens to be that brunette girl that no one can get to smile. I can encourage my best friend to tell his parents about his boyfriend, but I can't find the courage to tell my family - or very many of my friends - about my own attractions. I mean, I know that I wouldn't be accepted by my family anymore, but that didn't bother me when I had to tell them about my faith choices. So why would it bother me to tell them about my sexuality?

I want to thank you for being an inspiration to me, and for your updates and your website being a reminder to me to accept, not only other people, but myself. Because once I've accepted this very present piece of myself, then I'll be able to be honest with those around me. Until then, if I'm incapable of defending myself without this undercurrent of shame and discomfort, then I'll remain trapped in my lonely little closet. And I don't like closets.

Gratefully yours,


We understand the courage and appropriate circumstances that are necessary for a young person to come out. It's great that you are looking around for support. In addition to RYC, we recommend you look at our Canadian link partners including groups like the Halifax-based Young Gay America.

February 5, 2021

I am a 29 year old married woman who is 100% behind same sex marriages. We're in Canada where all Canadian's are to be treated equal. There's no law against Jewish and Catholics getting married. Chinese and Caucasian getting married or even someone of different ages. Why same sex then? I think it's against what we stand for as Canadians to not allow same sex marriages. I grew up without a dad and I'm fine. My mom single had no problems teaching me the difference between right and wrong. If I had two dads or two mom's, it doesn't matter. We're progressing forward, lets not forget who we are. Please tell me how I can help, if it's marching or writing letters. I am behind this cause.

Lets get the public to realize that it only matters who we are as people.

Mrs. Erin Kapogines

Click here, to see how you can help!

February 8, 2021

What a wonderful point!! I hope some MP stands up and addresses these setiments!

Best wishes

Ian Macdonald

February 9, 2005

Hello from Vancouver,

I’m a family law lawyer who runs a not-for-profit public education website about family law and the court process. I’m also a keen supporter of equality rights and Bill C-38. Anyhow, I read about Focus on the Family Canada’s lobbying efforts and their kit to help their members lobby Ottawa to vote the bill down.

John-Paul Boyd (photo courtesy of the author)

To make a long story short, I visited their website and found their “marriage action kit.” I was appalled by their pomposity, not to mention the lameness of their arguments against same-sex marriage. Their kit did, however, inspireEquality Action Kit for gay marriage. me to make my own “equality action kit,” a satirical riff on marriage kit which I posted on my own site. Curiously, all I had to do was replace the word “marriage” with “equality” to create not only a parody but a lobby kit for those supporting the bill.

You are welcome to use it as you wish on your own website or however you see fit.


John-Paul Boyd
JP Boyd's British Columbia Family Law Resource

Jesusland takes aim at CanadaFebruary 10, 2005

Saw your article [Jesusland takes aim at Canada] and noted the pic of Jesusland ...

Contrast with the pic on [here].

BTW, regarding "Gay marriage symbolizes the full equality and righteousness of queers, with no "if", "and", or "but". It's driving the opponents of freedom nuts." Did you note the irony of GWB making the statement: "we cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time."

contrast with

"This commitment of freedom, however, does not require the redefinition of one of our most basic social institutions."

Conrad Knauer

February 14, 2021

Hiyas all,

Just wanted to pass on a link I found amusing. I don't know if you watch CBC's Monday Report with Rick Mercer, but they recently played a parody of a Conservative ad for preserving the traditional definition of marriage. I thought you might be interested. The video is available on their website here:

Just click on the leftmost video with the caption "I believe in a traditional family." Sorry I don't have time to write a longer letter that you could post on your site or anything, but perhaps later this week. You guys are doing a great job with this site; I check it every week or so to see how things are going. Keep up the great work! Probably only one in a hundred people who like the site write to you about it, so it's much more appreciated than you think!

Best regards,


February 26, 2021

I wanted to thank you for your site and your work on this issue. I can't say how much it means to me to know other people out there are interested in my legal dignity.

I also invite you to my perspectives website.


Kristien Michael

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