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Anne and Elaine Vautour  CLICK for coverage of the January 14, 2021 double ceremony. (Photo by MCC Toronto, 2002)






Larry Dickinson and Jason Curl will exercise their right to marriage in Fredericton, N.B., on February 14. (Photo courtesy of L. Dickinson and J. Curl)




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A Selection Of Your Comments
January 2003

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January 8, 2003

Hi - I am in a tight spot. Can you refer me to cheap accomodations for about a few months stay? I am a Canadian who has lived in SF for over 15 years. Have to leave my lover - not that we want to break up - it's just the law. Need a place to stay until I can start my life over again. I will be homeless and broke upon my return. What advice can u give me?


External link to Gay Spaces - Housing Help

James, we recommend you contact GaySpaces.Org (one of our link partners), or perhaps one of our readers will contact you. Wishing you success.

January 9, 2003

Howdy Kevin and Joe,

There really is too much to say about the matter to do it justice in an email, but I wanted to start off 2003 with my heartfelt thank you for your courage and progressive efforts. Your book was the best non-fiction one I read in 2002, and I am still recommending it to others.

And because I believe in the progress of both gay liberation and the broader rights (ie the marriage issue for one) I wanted to help out with a donation. So I just made one online through my PayPal account.

Just Married will be featured in the 2003 WIlde About Sappho literary events, sponsored by the Lambda Foundation For Excellence.  External link to buy tickets.All the best -- I will be coming to see you at the Wilde About Sappho here in Ottawa next month. Can't wait. Maybe I'll bring my copy of the book and get an autograph (or two). : )

Keep up the good fight!

Andrew Currie (and Carl Beckstead, my partner)

Thanks for your support Andrew and Carl! We look forward to meeting you in Ottawa.

January 10, 2003

hi, my name is Ivanne...i am from singapore and would like to know whether my canadian spouse can sponsor me to canada as we both are lesbians. I have read so much and heard so much about Joe Varnell and Kevin Bourassa. Their story inpsired my partner and me..Please reply. Thanks.

Yours sincerely

Link to Bruce E. Walker Law OfficeThe Bruce E. Walker Law Office responds to all enquiries of this kind, with our great appreciation. You will hear from them soon. To better understand immigration requirements, you should visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada. We hope that both of you will realize your dreams together.

January 13, 2021

Greetings to you both: I just finished your book...what a read...what a story....what a history/herstory and what a road we are all on. Your book brought tears of laughter, tears of sadness, tears of knowing. I thank you for putting pen to paper, for sharing the story - truly one of the best ways to educate and 'get the information out'. I have mentioned this book to many and intend to cite it as a resource in appropriate areas of my life. I am actively involved within the United Church of Canada, a member of Affirm United, and finding my voice in a few different ways to be part of the change. Your voice allows me to push the envelope further...thanks for that. And...Happy Anniversary.

Colleen Adair

We're honoured to have the chance to work in partnership for equality with you and others. Together, we will make a difference.

January 18, 2003

Hi all Wayne & Art will go to Moncton City Hall on February 14 to apply for a Marriage License at 10:am.

We invite everyone new couples, older couple, single people to come and support us with this event. We ask that those that want to help come and do the same. Please Contact us ASAP and lets get a group together and all go and apply at the same time. We will get in touch with the media to cover our event. So please let us know and past this memo to everyone you now so that all can find out what we plan to do for all our equal rights.

Always Pride at Heart

With Love

Art & Wayne

Wayne and Art called Service New Brunswick to find out how they were to apply for a marriage license. The clerk asked for details, and of course she began to realize that the application was for a same-sex couple. Soon a manager became involved, to confirm that the province does not issue licenses to same-sex couples. None-the-less, Wayne and Art plan to keep their appointment for February 14, 10 a.m. at 770 Main Street (Service New Brunswick), Moncton. They invite supporters to join them as participants or witnesses.

Art and Wayne have already begun to do interviews with the media. They are expecting 20 to 40 people to join them, including Rev. Dr. Eldon Hay (retired Professor of Religious Studies, Mount Allison University). Congratulations on your contribution to this advocacy effort Art and Wayne!

Link to our media coverage of related issues.

January 20, 2003

Letter to the Editor - XTRA

Dear Editor

Ian Taylor and spouse George Olds, celebrate with a kiss (Photo by, 2002)On Friday February 14 at noon, my spouse (George Olds) and I will be at Toronto City Hall to ask that our relationship be recognized in law. We'll be bringing flowers, our city tax notice and some friends to what we consider an act of civil obedience.

Having been included in Canada's census, we feel it would be important for Canadians to be reminded that we are everywhere and that we now "own" Valentine's Day.

The Federal government will be holding hearings and meetings on the marriage issue during this week in February. Let's let the government know we'll keep coming back to city halls until we win equality. There may be a handful this year, but there will be more next year and more the year after that.

We will be doing this at the same time as the Rev. Troy Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Churches, will be at the Los Angeles Courthouse seeking a marriage licence. Rev. Perry will appear there, where he fasted for humans rights 35 years ago, at noon, LA time.

For anyone wishing to take part in their community, more information is available on this event at or

We invite all our friends to join us on Valentine's Day at your closest city hall.

I hope you'll help spread the word.

Ian Taylor

Please join Ian and George in Toronto (100 Queen Street West).

January 21, 2002


We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. We just celebrated a wonderful 2nd anniversary with our friends Joey & Kevin at the home of our amazing lawyer Douglas and his partner Greg.

Since the wedding two years ago we have chosen to withdraw from the public eye, and to continue building our loving relationship without stress from the media. We got married because we love each other, and not to be activists. We are eternally grateful to our friends Kevin and Joey for their determination to carry the Equal Marriage banner to the front lines in this battle for equal rights for all people. Their willingness to stand in the spotlight and to educate the masses has been a generous gift, enabling us to live the quieter life we prefer.

Thanks guys, for taking the brunt of attention off us. Keep up the good work. We're behind you 100%!

Anne & Elaine Vautour

January 23, 2002

We talked about it tonight and we are both going to go to the Service New Brunswick office [in Fredericton, New Brunswick] on Febreuary 14th at 10 a.m. to ask for a marriage license.


Larry & Jason
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Thanks for joining this effort Larry and Jason! With our friends Art and Wayne in Moncton (see above), your province will be well represented.

We invite supporters in Fredericton and Moncton to be with these couples in solidarity for equality.


Link to our media coverage of related issues.