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A Selection Of Your Comments
January 2005

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January 19 and 23, 2005

Ken Erickson (Photo courtesy of the author)Despite what you may read in the National media, there is an active push by the GLBT community in Alberta to support same-sex marriage. A demonstration was held at the Provincial Government building in Calgary on Dec 18, where a 52ft rainbow banner was unveiled. We have been writing letters to MP's and to local newspapers ... We will not go down without a strong fight in Alberta. Same-sex couples and lawyers are ready to go to court in Alberta if the feds vote against equal marriage, or if the Alberta Government chooses to ignore a favorable vote.Thank you for having a website devoted to equal marriage, and for all the work you do for equality in Canada.

Thanks for the info on freedom to marry day. I'm not aware of anything happening in Calgary on Feb 14. I did hear a rumor about a rally being organized by opponents of equal marriage. I'm trying to find out the info, so as to organize a counter protest. Thank you for your courage and commitment to equality in Canada! I'll keep in touch.

Peace, Pride and Hugs!

Ken Erickson
Co-cordinator, GLBT Peace Coalition

January 23, 2021

Dear Joe and Kevin: I first of all wish to congratulate on your journey that led to your marriage to each other. Secondly, I would like to congratulate you on your informative and personal website. I am 26 years old and my name is Jared Evans. After two years of thought and planning I have moved to beautiful Vancouver from Edmonton. I love it here, and although I am single for the time being, I am active writting MPs about the importantance of same sex marriage. Infact in the last few days I have been impressed with the leadership shown by our prime minister and outraged at the actions of Stephen Harper and the Conservative-Alliance Party of Canada ...

On behalf of my friends, family and myself, I want to thank you for your leadership, personal, emotional and financial that you have but into the fight for legal marriage on behalf of our Gay and Lesbian communities, locally, provincially and nationally as one large community. Between you, many GLBT organizations, concerned GLBT members writting their MPs, and the support of Liberal MPs including the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Scott Brison and Hon. Hedy Fry and the Hon. Irwin Cotler also the NDP including MP Libbie Davies, MP Bill Siksay plus the BQ including MP Real Menard and progressive Conservative MP Belinda Stronach and also the work of former NDP MP Svend Robison. In about a month's time the Bill to legalize same sex marriage coast to coast to coast will be introduced and law of the land before the summer pride festivities kick off ...

I wish you much success and joy in 2005 guys. This pride season we will have something huge to celebrate. I am proud to be a Canadian Citizen. I am proud to be a citizen of the most progressive nation in the world. I am proud to be led by a prime minister that defends, loves and upholds the beauty and strength of the Canadian Constitution on the International Stage.

Yours in pride,

Jared Evans
Vancouver, BC

January 25, 2021

This info reminded me of an action that was taken in the Tampa area of Florida, some years ago Instead of doing a "boycott" it was decided that we would be more positive and have a "buycott" of the businesses in Tampa. As an example, We would ask our stores and businesses if they would support Equal Marriage? If they said yes we had small signs for them to put in their windows. from there a list of supportive businesses was printed up in a timely fashion and circulated on flyers. We may have had business cards as well, which we could just leave in the stores. If they said "no" they were just completely ignored.

Ruby Hamilton

January 26, 2021

I think boycotts should be aimed at the company boycotted, not based on where they are located. Plus boycotts can backfire when the targets react negatively to unfair treatment, so one has to be careful about boycotting, say, Alberta beef, since not every beef farmer is presumed to be a bigot.

Here are some companies or products that might be worth boycotting, after some personal investigating through a simple Google search of this issue:

Giant Tiger Stores, owned by the family of Conservative MP Scott Reid, an unreformed Reformer. Coors/Molson's for Coors support of right-wing causes. SC Johnson for sponsoring the Matthew Shepherd story of lies on network television recently. Imperial Oil for their longstanding opposition to equality rights. Conservative leader Stephen Harper's father was an Imperial Oil executive.

Ian Taylor

January 29, 2021

I'm sorry to take you time, but I just want to say THANK YOU! You're doing so much for the GLBT community and for Canadian society. Thank you!!!!

Chris Dunn

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