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A Selection Of Your Comments
July 2002

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July 2, 2021

Hi Kevin/Joe:

I was just perusing the equal-marriage website, and realized the great amount of work that was required by the both of you, and the team that provided so unselfishly,their time and energy. Your vision, and hard work has not only produced a wonderful float, to honour equal-marriage. But, is one more step toward justice for all. You are to be congratulated, and thanked by all who fight for equal rights.

Thank you,

Lloyd Thornhill Bob Peacock
Vancouver, British Columbia

July 3, 2021

Hi: I am just finishing up "Just Married" and am enjoying it thoroughly. Great job in sharing your love and experiences with me and other readers. Awfully well written as well as topical.


Richard Blaquiere
Woodstock N.B.

Thanks! Potential readers please ask for Just Married if you don't see it in stores - it's a great way to make sure the book is visible.

July 9, 2002

I saw your float at Toronto's Pride and I believe that it was the highlight of the day for me. Though I support fully your efforts in regards to same sex marriage, what truly impressed me was the inclusion of Marc Hall on your float. Not because he is Marc Hall, activist, but because he is Marc Hall, young person. I strongly believe that more gay and lesbian adults need to begin taking a vested interest in the lives of young GLBT people...we know the struggles they face but too often the only times we are (generally speaking) aware of their presence in the community, is when we have sexualized them in some way. So, thank you for that.

I am currently working to host the first ever national GLBT youth conference in Canada. For more information contact Pytor Hodgson at, 613-549-8355 or 416-597-8297 or visit

Pytor Hodgson
Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement
613.549.8355 242 Wellington Street
Kingston, Ontario K7K 2Y8

We had great fun! Check out our coverage.

July 12, 2002

Just wanted to let you know that your gay brothers and sisters here in the USA are with you today. I am eagerly awaiting today's decision. Please send us a posting as soon as you possibly can.

Alan Spector Hamden,

See our special section on the U.S. impact of today's decision.

July 12, 2002

Good morning guys! I can only imagine that today is a very stressful and anxiety filled day as you await the decision of the Ontario Court on your marriage. You folks have been pioneers in our fight for justice and equality and I wanted to say congratulations and best wishes as we await today's announcement of the court's ruling. Ironically, I just finished your book, Just after today, hopefully we can have a sequel with a happy ending. God bless and all the best.


Don Tabor
Atlantic Region Representative Egale Canada

A sequel? Hmmmm, and we have just the right happy ending in mind! Maybe after the long-awaited honeymoon.

July 12, 2002

Hi Kevin and Joe,

What a wonderful success for the LGBT community across Canada. Congratulations! Thank you for hanging in there in the media spotlight and seeing this case through the court system. I know how difficult it can be to be in the glare of the media at times. It is so important for all of us who seek the right to marry. Jean-Marie and I had a commitment ceremony in 1988 and look forward to the day we can be legally married. Thanks for all your hard work.

James Chamberlain
British Columbia
(Surrey Book Banning Case)

The Surrey Book Banning Case has raised awareness about discrimination against same-sex couples and their families. James is in the front lines with our best response against bigotry and intolerance: education.

July 12, 2002

Dear Kevin and Joe,

We were very happy to hear the court's decision. Happy happy marriage.


John and Edward

John and Edward were big contributers to the success of our Toronto pride float!

July 12, 2002

Dear Kevin and Joe,

Congratulations from everyone at PRIDE York Region! The determination and perseverance demonstrated by you and your team has made a difference for us all. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Chery & Ian Co-Chairs, PRIDE York Region

Thanks for supporting us right from the beginning (our first speach!).

July 12, 2002

Dear Kevin and Joe,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for the wonderful news. As I was writing Douglas yesterday, I was very confident, but to hear about the decision has been great! Fabulous! I really want to thank you for what you have done, for all of us!!! Every change is so important worldwide! And I am honoured to personally know the first married same-sex couple in the world! My hearth and my mind are with you!

Stefano Fabeni
CERSGOSIG - Informa Gay

PS: thank you for the wonderful report of the Turin conference on your website!

We are already thinking ahead to the next conference - see you in Toronto in 2005!

July 12, 2021

Kevin and Joe!

Just wanted to say how happy I was about the news in Ontario! You must be deliriously happy. I know 'we' are in BC! I hope you are well and that you are basking in the joy of this historical occasion. Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

With love and admiration,
Steve Houston
British Columbia - Pubic Service Alliance of Canada

We'll be marching for marriage with Union Pride in Vancouver on August 4. Join us if you can!

July 12, 2021

Kevin! Joe! Congratulations! On the new affirmation conferred on your marriage today. For your role in creating this legal (and dare I yet say cultural) landmark. And for inspiring many of us by showing that vigorous, strategic, intelligent advocacy work can still change the world.

- John @ rabble

P.S. Was just chatting with Judy Rebick, who also passes on her congrats "for a wonderful struggle ... for the sweetness of this victory."

Sweetness savoured sparingly for the long road still ahead.

July 12, 2021

May you be happy ever after!
-Rosalind Minaji

And so for all!

July 13, 2021

Hi Kevin & Joe Congratulations on your great win. I hope the rest of the world catches up to you soon. You have touched another, half a world away, and I am sure your win will contribute to the precedent law over here. we eventually may see the same changes. Good luck to you both.

Love and Hugs
Gina Wilson (United Kingdom)

Human rights are universal and without borders or boundaries. We are proud to be working with others from around the world for equality. Each victory is a win for us all. Together we will make a difference.

July 13, 2021

Kevin and Joe:

I am certain that the e-mail messages, as well as other forms of congratulatory correspondence, have been literally pouring in since the landmark decision was delivered at Osgoode Hall yesterday. I just wanted to add my best wishes to those of many others who are so proud and pleased by this courageous path that you, along with the Vautours and MCC, have taken these past few months, and will continue to journey together, as yesterday's decision will likely be appealed to the higher courts. I believe that you are very much on the side of "Right"; that God has blessed your love; and that "Right" will ultimately prevail. You will remain in my prayers as you continue this journey for justice.

I am a Canadian Forces Chaplain, and so I was delighted to learn when reading your book that Kevin grew up in a military family. A lot has changed in the CF since the repatriation of the Canadian constitution and the implementation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When I joined the CF in 1980, and for several years thereafter, there was a portion of the Military Police who had as one of its mandates to seek out gay and lesbian members of the military and have them "outed" and then thrown out of the military for no other reason than that they were gay or lesbian (and as such, were considered to be a security risk). Today, there are many members of our CF community who live openly and freely as gay men and lesbian soldiers, sailors airmen and women. Their relationships with same-sex partners are accorded the same status in terms of military family support and benefits as are heterosexual common-law couples and married couples. We have come a long way, but as you two are perhaps most keenly aware, there is still a long way to go. As Anglican Chaplains in the CF, at our most recent annual meeting, we passed the following resolution 75% in favour, and have called upon the Chaplain General Division, and the Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy ICCMC (a Canadian-Council-of-Churches Committee that provides ecclesiastical oversight for all CF Chaplain services, and acts as a an advisory body to the Minister of National Defence concerning pastoral/spiritual matters impacting CF members and their families):

"Be it resolved that as Anglican Chaplains we affirm the presence and contributions of gay men and lesbians within the life of the CF community. Respecting their sacredness as children of God, we pledge to them, as to all members of the CF community, our commitment to provide pastoral care and nurture. Respecting the dignity and worth of all God's children, we commend the Department of National Defence for its initiatives aimed at creating an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and we covenant to support such initiatives, offering our pastoral support and encouragement to all members of the CF community."

Next year we intend, as an Anglican clericus, to look at the question of samesex blessings, and hopefully will receive support to proceed officially with such celebrations, similar to what has recently been authorized by the Anglican Bishop of New Westminster (Vancouver) Bishop Michael Ingham. Of course this decision in the courts legalizing samesex marriage, gives us even more room to go and to grow, in being able to provide pastoral care and "good news" to so many members of our community, who to this point in history have been marginalized (at best) and demonized (at worst) by the mainline denominations of Christ's Church.

Brent Hawkes was a classmate of mine at Trinity College in the mid 1980's. I was pleased to make his acquaintance then, and was certainly be challenged by his advocacy and witness to expand my own limited understanding of God's capacity to love. Since relocating to Toronto last summer I have, in addition to joining an Anglican parish in the city, attended worship once a month at MCC. The community of faith is more alive there than almost any other place I have worshiped in my life. You are a blessing to one another, but to the whole Church as well.

God bless you both.
God Bless your love and your fellowship.
And God continue to bless your quest for equality and justice for all.
For what it is worth, my prayers are with you. Congratulations!!

John Fletcher
Area Chaplain
Land Forces Central Area HQ

God speed in your work and spiritual leadership!

July 15, 2002

Thank you so much for all your effort in achieving this wonderful legal result, and best of luck on a long and happy union together!

Susen Johnson and John Fowler Victoria, BC

We count on you to use your influence in your own circles to nudge this along - change happens one person at a time.

July 17, 2002

Read about you guys in the paper and think it is just great. Thought I would just send my congratulations and hope this helps pave the way for more improvements to an antiquated system.

Wayne and Betty Bourassa

Wayne and Betty are Joe's new in-laws!

July 18, 2002

Just a note to say thank you for your courage in this difficult battle. I was thrilled to see you in the London Pride parade. Thanks for sharing some of your time in the sun of public interest. Clearly we are always in an uphill battle here in London because of a few vocal conservatives but many of us find our workplaces and neighbourhoods more accepting than ever.

Good luck with the next steps in the process. My personal take on it is that the feds will appeal - which may not a bad thing except of course for the cost and unnecessary delay.

Pat Shanahan

July 18, 2002

Kevin and Joe:

I`ve just finished your book and loved every page! Congratulations on a sweet ending to your fight against bigotry and hate. I wish you all the best for a happy married life.

Wellington, On

Thanks, but like a Mahler symphony, this ending keeps going on, and on. Everyone still has more work ahead and more legal battles to be won. Please keep writing letters to our politicians!

July 21, 2002

Hi Kevin & Joe,

Just wanted to send along my congratulations on the recent court decisions. On the Friday of the Ontario court ruling. I gave in and bought your book. I was right… I didn’t do much after that. And by 6PM Saturday I had finished reading the entire thing. I must admit, you had me in tears a few times.

Take care,
Toronto, On

July 23, 2002

Hello Kevin and Joe,

I am writing from DAWN Ontario: DisAbled Women's Network Ontario. Wanted to let you know that we added a link to your website from our home page ... from our What's New page (along with a link to Action Item on your site) and on our Links page at under E listings as well as a Featured site at top of page. We would be very proud if you would deem it appropriate to link to our website as well, as supporters of Same Sex marriages.

In solidarity,
Barbara Anello
Acting Chair, volunteer webmaster, e-list manager, ...
DAWN Ontario: DisAbled Women's Network Ontario

Link established, with thanks!

July 26, 2002

Joe and Kevin.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You both are an inspiration and my partner and I take great pride in seeing your accomplishments. We live near the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and it is still so very backwards. Everyday seems like there are letters to the editor about how this is not right, how men and women were made to fit together, how the goal was procreation, how gay marriage will destroy the COUNTRY??!!! HOW it is going to destroy Canada....I have no idea....we've also been getting lots of letters and articles even about how the gay lifestyle should be taught in schools here so that children will see how much shorter they will live if they are gay and just reiterating that they're all going to die young if they're gay. I have such an urge to write a letter along these lines, "If you're so sure about this, why don't you just leave us alone and let us all die out. We will of course all die out if this theory is correct." Do they not see the ridiculousness of their statements? It would be nice if everyone could just mind their own business and in the process, learn that our ability to marry does not affect their own lives in any way shape or form.

It gets so sad to read this kind of thing day after day. It is frustrating not to see letters of retaliation and support and frustrating to not be able to write my own letters due to my trying to secure a new job here.

Please keep up the battle for the rest of us. You are amazing! Sincerely,

H & J
Northern Ontario

July 28, 2002

Dear Kevin and Joe:

I am sure, like the rest of us, you guys are anxiously awaiting the Federal Government decision tomorrow as to whether they will appeal the Ontario Court decision or forego the appeal and enact enabling legislation to provide us full and equal access to marry.

As the Egale representative for Atlantic Canada I have written all 32 MPs (several times) as well as the PM and JM/AG Mr. Cauchon. Only a couple of the MP's have written back. Two were not in favor of granting us our rights...the others were in favor or passed the buck to the Attorney General. I have written to the newspapers asking for public support, spoken at Gay Pride Rallies urging the same and just recently I was contacted by the press as Egale's rep to speak on the issue.

Considering that I just (publicly) came out of the closet in February, I guess you could say that I came out swinging and screaming. The next 24+/- hours will be crucial ones. I am still urging people to press the issue with their MP's etc. I don't think that we can come this far and let down our defences.

Now we play the waiting game.... Hope all is well.


Don Tabor
Atlantic Region Representative,
Egale, Canada

If only we could duplicate Don in every riding across Canada! Thank you - it will make a difference.

July 31, 2002

Why is the federal government wasting time and money appealing Ontario's recent supreme court ruling re: same-sex marriages? I am a straight male myself, but I have no problem with other people's wish to declare their love through marriage. They are not hurting anybody else; in fact their love is a much better thing than the hate that opposes their attempts to marry.

Naturally the government's case has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with votes. So long as they believe the majority of Canadians are against same-sex marriages, they will continue to rally against them. The government no longer represents the majority of Canadians- they represent themselves and their chances of remaining in power. Do you remember when gambling was a sin and a crime, until the government was able to make money from it? Well same-sex marriages will remain unlawful until the governments find that their position against them endanger their possibility of re-election.

I do not want my country wasting my tax dollars to keep people from equal treatment under the law. The supreme court had the guts to recognize the disparity, and both the provincial and federal governments should respect the decision, as it was made without consideration of some party's popularity and possibility of re-election.

David Nelson
Toronto, Ontario