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A Selection Of Your Comments
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June 8, 2021

Hello, I was just on the internet and I was reading your website. I think it is good that Canada now recognises same sex marriages. I live in Australia and it's not legally recognised here yet. The government says they have no intention to legalise same sex marriages, which I think is discrimination. You are lucky that you live in a more open and tolerant country than I do!! I think your website is good. I may go over to Canada and get married legally one day!Bye.



It's great for Canada that our country attracts people like you who value liberty, freedom and equality, but we hope you can work within Australia to help improve human rights for yourself and your brothers and sisters. There is much that one person (or maybe two?) can do to influence change. We hope you will continue to be engaged with this issue, knowing that one day your country will embrace the expansion of human rights.

June 11, 2021

I wanted to write you a line to let you know that I have and always will be a spokes person for same sex marriages. I am married to a same sex partner, although in Saskatchewan its not legal yet, and strongly fight against prejudice in all aspects of my life. I have received a few letters from the Equal marriage requesting donations, but unfortunately I cannot afford donations to any organization. I am a student in the winter and a seasonal worker in the summer and simply don't have the funds. I truly wish I could, so I do what I can by educating and speaking to alot of people in my daily travels on what it means to vote for the right party and not to vote conservative. I have also sent out letters to MP's, Premiers, and the Prime Minister before and after Paul Martin. I work in the public service in my city and speak out to my co workers, citizens or anyone else who will listen. I wish I could help with funds but its just not possible.

I thank you and all people fighting for our equal rights. Don't give up....I won't... Thank you.

Sharon Baldock

Sharon thanks for your support. There are so many ways to help work for equal marriage, without requiring financial support, and it seems you are doing it. We appreciate your advocacy and personal involvement.

June 14, 2021

Greetings! My partner and I are getting married in Montreal July 24th, at St. James United Church, and your website was very valuable in helping us plan our wedding.

Same-sex marriage in Quebec - 20 day wait period.There are a couple of things you may want to note under the "Same-sex Marriage in Quebec". The way the article reads is that for out-of-towners two separate trips are required in order to get married in Quebec province--one for the "interview" and one for the actual wedding. This is not the case, at least in Montreal, for either a civil or religious marriage.

After contacting the Palais de Justice to obtain a civil wedding application (thanks to your link!) we were told that they can accomodate non-Montrealers by requiring just one trip. They get the information they need from the application for the 20-day posting, and can set the wedding date once they've received the application. They can also schedule the interview date to a day or 2 before your wedding date. The interview is just to check your birth certificate and divorce decrees, if applicable. They were very accomodating to our request of date/time with only a couple months notice.

We ended up planning a religious wedding at St. James, and we filled out their paperwork, and are meeting with the Reverend performing the ceremony the Thursday prior to our Saturday wedding.

I guess my point is that people may be unduly discouraged from getting married in Quebec due to the 20-day posting period. We have some friends that ended up getting married in Toronto rather than Montreal due to the perceived complications of the 20-day waiting period, when in fact it's a very easy and accomodating process.

Thanks again for your website. We wouldn't be getting married without it.

Jim Hock

We appreciate the kind update. Congratulations on your marriage!

June 16, 2021

I am an Italian man in love with a man from Saskatchewan... can you imagine how is difficult to meet each other as we are so far? Do you know how difficult is to have a visa for him to come to work here with the new immigration laws of European Union? Do you know that here we will never have ,or even dream of, a same sex marriage law like in Canada or in some other more civilised countries of Europe? Do you know that at 56 years old I cannot say freely around, I am in love with a wonderful man like Grant because the Italian society is still under a middle age Catholic thinking?

Yes, you can imagine probably...so imagine too how I was happy when all the process started just in Canada! I know that in the future we will have our wedding in Saskatchewan too, on the land we have bought and in the house we will build.

Thank you Canada, for the perfect man I met and for the civilised country you are showing to be.


June 21, 2021

Well our 36-year engagement is almost over! I proposed to Bob back in 1968 and he has finally accepted. We will marry at Ryerson United Church in Vancouver, on Saturday, July 17, at 3:00 pm. The celebration will be filmed by the National Film Board for their upcoming documentary, I Thee Wed. This is a story about the eight couples in B.C. who with the support of Egale, challenged the government for the right to marry. As in Ontario and Quebec, we won!

Bob and I would like to take this opportunity to invite anyone living in, or visiting the Vancouver area, to join with us to share our joy and commitment. We will be holding a small reception for invited guests at the Law Courts Inn after the ceremony. This is an appropriate venue, as it was in that very building that the wise justices of the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled in our favour. Because of the financial burden we must limit the guest list for the reception, however we do hope you will at least honour us with your attendance at the ceremony.

On a related issue, the upcoming election. Bob and I attended an all candidates meeting in our riding, Vancouver Centre last week. There were about 500 voters, mostly gay at the debate. We have a gay man, Gary Mitchell running for the Conservative Party. He says that he is very comfortable running in the party of intolerance. I compare his thinking to that of a black person joining the KKK because they like their fiscal platform. When I got the opportunity to reach the very active microphone I advised Mr. Mitchell of our upcoming marriage and mentioned that local politician Tim Stevenson and his partner, Gary Patterson had married last week. Their reason being they were afraid the Conservatives were going to be elected and would roll back our right to marry. My question to Mr. Mitchell was: Should we be worried that if your party is elected to government our marriages might be annulled? His response was no, however by the reaction of the crowd, they didnít believe him.

In closing I would like to thank Kevin and Joe for their advocacy and for providing this powerful tool, so that our voices might be heard. On Monday, June 28 tell Steven Harper that you donít want to live in a society where the state decides who should be granted equal rights. We have fought far to long and hard to give up the gains we have accomplished. Say no to bigotry!

Lloyd Thornhill


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