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March 2005

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March 9, 2021

To whom ever this may concern,

I'm just writing to tell you that I think that homosexual marriages are perfectly normal and that they should have the right to get married... Oh ya, just to tell you all I'm not a homosexual I just think that it's wrong that they're treated differently...


Vicki Cassidy

March 10, 2021

Dear all,

Yesterday (9 March 2005) the Dutch Minister of Justice agreed in Parliament to introduce legislation which would allow inter-country adoption by same-sex couples in the Netherlands. A majority in the lower house of the Dutch Parliament has been pushing for such an amendment for several years.

Under the current legislation inter-country adoption is excluded from the adoption possibilities that same-sex couples have since 1 April 2001. It could take one or two How Holland Did It - Our interview with Dr. Kees Waaldijkyears before the new amendment would be law. Even then, however, not many intercountry-adoptions by same-sex couples would take place, since hardly any country in the world allows their children to be adopted by (Dutch) same-sex couples.

On my website (under Latest news) you will find the provisional figures for marriages and partnership registrations in 2004.

For those of you who read Dutch: my overview of all the opinions of the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission about alleged case of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, civil status etc. since 1995, has now been updated to include the opinions given in. These include a new opinion about the exclusion of same-sex from taking part in ballroom dance competitions (opinion 2004-116). Again the Commission considers the exclusion of same-sex couples from such competitions as a form of direct sex discrimination. Unlike its previous opinion in such a case (opinion 1997-29), the Commission now also considers this to be a form of direct sexual orientation discrimination (in 1997 it concluded that there was indirect sexual orientation discrimination).


Kees Waaldijk


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