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"It sends a message across borders ...three cheers for Canada."




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A Selection Of Your Comments
May 2002

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May 8, 2021

Hello my friends and SameSexMarriage,

I would like to thank you for developing this new and wonderful online source of information and activism for the cause of equality for same sex relationships.

My partner Arnold and I have been together happily for over 20 years. We met on March 30th 1982. On September 10th 1983 we were the first couple in Boston to participate in a Unification Ceremony which was performed at the World Headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Church. Family and friends we in attendance and a grand time was had by all!!

We are delighted to see the progress being made towards the full acceptance of same sex couples. Unfortunately, there is still a long road ahead of us for full recognition. However, with sites such as yours, and the activities of our support groups and friends, that road appears to be getting shorter every day.

All my best wishes for much success with your new endeavor.

Michael D. Fein
Editor- The Gantseh Megillah
Montreal, Quebec

May 10, 2002

I'm Pumped!

I'm a big marriage guy. I'm also a big Boy Scouts of America guy. And I'm a big gays in the military guy. So what do these three issues have in common? All of them receive government recognition and funding. Quite frankly, if a Catholic or a Jew or a Pagan hates my guts and wants nothing to do with me, I have no problem with that. I believe in the right of association. But one there is a connection to the government, either some form of tax subsidy, or official recognition (marriage gets both), I find any sort of discrimination that is denied one should be denied all.

So why am I pumped? Becaus Marc Hall won the first round in Toronto today! Yes! From the reports down here in the states, Catholic schools in Canada get some kind of government financial support. You take government money, you gotta play by the rules. I know, I know, it is a Canadian victory, not an American one. But it is a victory nonetheless, and it sends a message across borders that there is no free lunch. Even government money has its costs.

Of course I'm very happy for Marc. Plus I admire him for his courage. But I'm even happier for the larger gay community. And I just want to let you know as an active queer in a neighboring country that this is being recognized down here. Same day and people are talking about it already.

I hope the upcoming trial and the almost certain Supreme Court case have the same outcome. But for now, three cheers for Canada. It is my hope that the oh-so-advanced United States will someday catch up with you.

Hugs, Bill Dubay

May 13, 2002

My hat goes off to Marc Hall and his partner. We should honor these young men who stood up for what they believed in. Go have helped all of us gay people here in Canada and I thank you.

My partner who lives in the U.S. came to stay with me for six months in hope of getting employment but she failed at doing so. Therefore, the Our Government sent her back to the States. The only way she can come back to Canada is after six months, find employment or find a sponsor. I cannot be her sponsor because we are not legally married. I have wrote to the head of my province (Ontario) stating that same-sex marriage is an issue and Canada and it has to be resolved.

We miss each other alot. We have been together for six years with her visiting here and I going to the U.S. It is getting expensive for both of us but I know our love is strong enough to with stand anything.

If anyone reading this email can help my partner who has a Honors Degree in the Arts and law enforcement can help her find employment in Canada please email me. My email address is:

Please try and help us out. We are doing everything in our power to have same sex marriage a law in Canada and I join all of you who are fighting this cause.

Take care, Camilla