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A Selection Of Your Comments
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November 3, 2020

Gay marriage bans and George Bush lead to a gay exodus to CanadaI first checked into moving to Canada a few months ago when the religious right became so adamant about how little I, as a human being, was wanted in this country. I have been impressed with Canada as a nation who cares for its citizens for a long time. That respect was reinforced when I finally saw Bowling for Columbine. The amount of violence in this country and the hatred that this Christian nation has for anyone different frightens me. Canada as a nation seems to have the same values I have- respect diversity in others, do not repress and punish it.

I live in one of the states whose residents voted to with hold a basic human right to a large minority group. Many of my own relatives likely voted to take those rights away. My immediate family are different and it is them I will miss. They are what makes me hesitant to go.

Colleen Jenkins

November 4, 2020

Kevin and Joe -- My wife and I (we married in Toronto this August) will be relocating ASAP. We have a lot of worry and fear in our hearts ... can we get jobs, can we afford to live there, what can we bring with us, but we cannot stay here anymore. Gay rights have gone backwards 20 years now, Thanks to Marianne Seggerman for sending this in.especially as Bush appoints Supreme Court judges in the next few months.

We have to get out of here, and we know we love Toronto. We had hoped to see Vancouver first, but to take that time and money seems a silly luxury now.

We would love to learn more about what is next ... we've long had a book on immigrating to Canada, and we have the name of an immigration attorney, but we are so overwhelmed and in shock, that we aren't sure where to go next. I just know we have to make the next step ASAP.

I think our window to find a job and a place to live in Toronto is the first week of December. I have to resign, and we have to pack.

Our group is/was Arkansans for Human Rights. Many of the leadership, including myself, are actively making plans to leave the states, so I'm not sure the group will continue.

Deborah Seaton, Arkansas

We are working on providing further information (including comments from lawyers) to assist people in making this difficult transition. Meanwhile we encourage readers to offers suggestions or ways to help.

November 4, 2020

Dear Kevin and Joe,

I'm from Indonesia and I'm a lesbian. I've found your website accidentally, and I'm really glad that I still have an opportunity to fulfil my dream.

You see, my girlfriend and I are seriously involve right now. One thing that always come to our mind is getting marry. But it is REALLY,REALLY imposibble for us to do that in our country. Besides that, the familiy of my girl has found out that she and I are secretly engaged. She was brought to the front of her "family court"("family" here means "clan" in her tribe).

Finally, she was forced to make a pledge: not to see me anymore, forever. But before that, to anticipate what would become in the future, we have made a promise not to see each other for a while, just to cool down the situation. We tell everyone that we've broken up(actually, we are still lovers).

Right now, we are preparing ourselves to go abroad, so we could get marry ... So sorry cannot tell you our real identities. Just call us: Josh and Charlotte.

Thank you.


November 4, 2020

Hey Guys, Heard about your website on CBC this morning and thought I would check it out. FANTASTIC site, filled with great info, and totally inspiring! Thanks for all your hard work... Keep it up....

Scott Wightman
Kitchener Ont.

November 5, 2020

Ode to the Moral Majority

If you're straight, you know you can fornicate.
If you're queer, it's a major-type sin.
If you're mainstream, you know you are fortunate,
If you're lesbian, you just don't fit in.

You can have a bastard, if you are straight,
If you're homo, don't even try!
For a bastard born in a straight household
Is considered god's holy small fry.

If you find you don't want a wedding ring,
That's exactly the straight way to go!
In your heart, if you're wanting to tie the knot,
Be aware that the answer is no!

The moral majority has you by the tits,
Because sin is a relative state.
There's a double standard for straights and gays,
And YOU are the one they will hate!

Connie Guardino

November 6, 2020

I'm sorry for my bad english, so I write in italian and hope anybody can understend me.

Io vivo in Italia ma sto soffrendo disperatamente per la rielezione di Bush: nessuno piu' di noi in Italia puo' capire cosa significhi la terribile ingerenza della chiesa nella vita e nell'evoluzione dei diritti. Credo pero' che in questo momento la situazione in USA sia diventata davvero terribile e comprendo perfettamente tutte quelle persone (gay e no) che vorrebbero trasferirsi in Canada. Probabilmente lo faranno in pochissimi, non importa; spero solo che l'America continui ad essere un luogo di liberta' e progresso e che le cose cambino in fretta. Per ora qui in Europa l'atmosfera e' fortunatamente diversa: non amiamo molto Bush (anche se l'Italia con Berlusconi e' particolare) e spero che il vento degli USA non ci raggiunga perche' sarebbe davvero l'inizio di tempi terribili.

Un abbraccio.


Here is a Babel Fish translation of the above:

I live in Italy but I am suffering disperatamente for the re-election of Bush: nobody piu' of we in Italy puo' to understand what means the terrible interference of the church in the life and nell'evoluzione of the rights. Creed pero' that in this moment the situation in USA has become indeed terrible and I comprise all perfectly those persons (gay and not) that they would want to be moved in Canada. Probably they will make it in least, does not import; I only hope that l'America it continues to being a place of liberta' and progress and that the things change in a hurry. For hour here in l'atmosfera Europe e' fortunately various: we do not love much Bush (even if l'Italia with Berlusconi e' particular) and I hope that the wind of the USA does not catch up to us perche' it would be indeed l'inizio of terrible times. I embrace.

November 10, 2020

Alberta and gay marriage:  "Will not happen in this province"Hello there, I just wanted to make sure that you know that Premier Ralph Klein made an explicit call for input from Albertans on the same-sex marriage issue. Today’s Edmonton Journal quotes Klein: “We’ve invited the public, and I’ll do that right now, to send their comments on same-sex marriage…What we’ve heard from the public thus far and what I’m hearing in the streets is that they don’t want it in this province…Maybe they do in other provinces, but not in this province.”

I just sent a message to the Premier’s Office ( with my opinion and I wanted to encourage as many fair-minded, rational Albertans to do the same. I instantly thought about your website and mailing list to encourage your readers from Alberta to voice their opinion.

Thanks for providing this service. I enjoy getting your bulletins and reading about the progress being made on this issue.

Edmonton, Alberata

November 11, 2020

Hi, Gender variant people are notoriously invisible, and notoriously vulnerable. Those of us who have transitioned and remain with our spouse, now find ourselves subject to a new type of scrutiny because we present as same-sex couples, legally married! Before transition we are held in high esteem as models of marriage; after transition we are feared.

We are victimized by those who broadly debase same-sex married couples. That is an injustice that matters little to the homophobe lobby who is preoccupied with fear. Such disregard for nuances is indicative of their contempt for justice.

Karen Hofmann, spouse of Pam Hofmann
(married 36 years, and counting...)

November 11, 2020

Dear Sirs:

I am a United States citizen who recently saw 11 states formally illegalize same-sex marriage. This stark display of bigotry horrified me. I am not gay myself, but I have long been a supporter of equal marriage. I believe that we EXTERNAL LINK to Air Americacannot have a truly free and fair society without it. It is important that we not back off our values, but instead find new and more effective ways to persuade people. I am heartened by your ads that I hear on Air America Radio. Your approach to the issue and to the language surrounding the issue are, I think, right on the money.

As an attempt to make some sort of contribution to the conversation, and in the spirit of George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute, I offer this bit of reframing: Bills, laws, and amendments that oppose gay marriage should be referred to as "marriage discrimination." The term has two advantages, one being that it is factually true, and the second being that the word "discrimination" carries considerable negative cultural baggage. When something is saddled with the word "discrimination," it becomes difficult to get behind. So, I propose that those of us who support equal marriage should constantly and consistently refer to marriage-discrimination bills, marriage-discrimination laws, and marriage-discrimination amendments.

I appreciate this opportunity to share ideas with you. Keep up the good work.


Jon Hall

November 12, 2020

Hello, I am impressed by your site an enjoy browsing it. Unfortunately I live in a state where gay marriage is now banned. Scary how one of the most advanced countries in the world is heading backwards. I would like to know about gay marraige in Canada, in particular in Ontario. I am a resident of MI, and would like to see how a Canadien Marriage Certificate holds up in my prejudice state and country.


Asya Miller

So far only New York (retirement system) has said it will recognize same-sex marriages.

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