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A Selection Of Your Comments
October 2002

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October 2, 2021

Hello, I am actually an American who is very supportive of your cause. I think Canada is a lot more progressive than the US on most humanitarian issues, and I often wish I was a Canadian -- especially while enduring the grossly misguided leadership of our current White House occupant.

I am a member of the HRC: Human Rights Campaign. You are probably already familiar with the HRC's tireless work to change the laws in the US, but in case not, please follow the link to HRC's highly informative Web site.

I am curious to know if your organization has tried to join forces with the HRC. It seems to me that much could be gained from such an alliance, as these issues affect all of us in North America -- if not the world -- who want equal marriage as the law of the land. If your organization has not yet considered this idea, then I suggest that you do. It seems like an excellent way to pool the best ideas and resources available in both organizations.

Good luck to you! I have full faith that Canada will be the first country in the Americas to legalize same-sex marriage.


Mary Jane Adams

Thanks for the suggestion! We wrote today to HRC to enquire about a partnership, and we have added HRC to our international links section.

October 17, 2021

Hi, we are a lesbian couple and we hope to marry each other. Can you tell us how to proceed, we live in Province of Quebec.


Line and Chantal

It is not yet possible for you to marry in Quebec. A Quebec marriage challenge is now underway to fix that problem. Of course, it is possible for you to have a civil union (as a result of Bill 84 in Quebec). Information about this is also available at the above address. It is expected that full and equal marriage will be available in 2 years (by court order).

October 22, 2020

The following response was received by SarahRose Werner when she invited Prince Edward Island politician Philip Brown to attend one of our stops on the Atlantic Just Married tour:

Dear Sarah,

In our secular society we have to define values. You would be aware that any society is a collection of people and their social, economic and political situation. I feel your organization defines marriage on human rights, social justice, and legal questions. But who defines these values. Marriage is about joining compliments. The suggestion that marriage could join two the same is to redefine it to be something it isn't. In our quest for equal rights we must guard against destroying our society. It is very important that thinking people like you recognize the importance of defining our difference and in that way we can really ensure equality. You and I are not equal because a court decision says so, if that was true a court decision could also rule that we were not equal, no our equality comes from the fact we were created equal, and this is not dependent on our color, religion or country. Thanks.............Philip Brown

October 23, 2020

One thing I would have to admire is the tenacity of you people. However, the poles (sic) did indicate that we donít want what you do here in the Atlantic provinces by a majority. However, by all means donít let that stop you because your kind do not know the meaning of give up!

If you want that kind of lifestyle keep it, but donít ask us to help you by condoning it. An entire city was once destroyed for the same thing. Check your history.

Lorie Tracey

You shouldn't be surprised by our tenacity. It is fueled by the boy in London, Ontario who gave us a pride flag on the weekend he came out (July 12 - following the Ontario judement calling for an end of marriage discrimination). We go on because we have been told of children who were contemplating suicide, until they saw the positive possibilities for a better life, because of the work that is being done across Canada to end the bigotry and prejudice that you promote, in the name of God. Stop spiritual abuse - it is killing and hurting children. See:

Being gay in Orangeville (The Orangeville Banner, Oct. 22, 2002)

October 23, 2002

Mr. Harper,

I find the remark you made regarding Mr. Robinsons' picture being found in more "wonderful" places...completely degrading.

I have 5 children and the youngest who is 6, would not even think about making such a rude and derogatory remark. Since you find it fun making these comments even though you are in a position to change the discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgenders, I wonder...have you not grown up yet?

Did you not know that Scouts Canada accept GLBT youth and LEADERS? Were you aware that the Alberta schools treat all students and families equal...even GAY STUDENTS or FAMILIES?

Discrimination has no limits because of people like you. People discriminate over the stupidest things. Hair style or color, piercings, tattoos, height, weight, color, religion, clothing, gender, sexual orientation, age....the list goes on and on. Why is that? Why is it that some people will not allow others to live their own lives? Is their own lives lacking in some way that they have to involve themselves in someone elses life? It should not matter who a person is married to, sleeps with or has sex should matter if that person is kind, considerate, compassionate. If the only reason why I like a person is because of who they are having sex with...then I would seriously consider making an appointment with a psychiatrist to see if I can get back what is left of my humanity!

I had hoped that you would be the future's new leader but you have proven yourself to be just as bigoted as the man you replaced. The statistics that were revealed yesterday (Oct 22/02) only showed same-sex couples that LIVED together, what about the GLBT single parents who have children? How many votes have you lost with this attitude?

Mr. Harper, in the near future, the children who are living with GLBT parents will have the ability to vote...and then what will you do?

Disappointed in your leadership,

Donna Hobbes


October 23, 2020

Dear Mr. Harper,

With regard to your comments in the House of Commons toward Svend Robinson on October 23rd, I believe that the Alliance Party has shown its true colours. This is not a party of inclusion, unless the person wishing to be included is heterosexual, white, and working. You've stepped over the bounds of decency, and you have no right to slander someone who was elected, as were you, by the people of his or her riding. Mr. Robinson has been elected time and time again, and has served his constituents with integrity and grace, even in times where hatred and homophobia has made his job difficult, such as this week.

I firmly believe that you personally owe Mr. Robinson an apology, and that that apology should be made publicly, in the same arena where the slanderous comments were made, ie in the House of Commons.

If all you can do is show such intolerance toward another duly elected member of the House that decides the future of all Canadians, then I strongly suggest that you are not someone I want representing me. I would greatly appreciate your stepping down, because your hatred is better served in a country that promotes intolerance. Several countries in the Middle East come to mind. Perhaps you might consider relocation to where your skills can be put to good use... just keep your hatred out of MY Canada.


Hedy Halpern

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