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A Selection Of Your Comments
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September 1, 2021

Putting the Smackdown on gay rights advocate Sister GramickGentlemen, I was rather surprised to see my letter to the Star appear in your article of August the 6th. I would have thought that you would have had the courtesy of at least contacting me before you published it. I am not an advocate of same sex marriage, but am a strong advocate of equal rights. Using this letter in your publication, implies that I am in some way a supporter of your cause. I would appreciate a clarification of my personal views.

Many thanks,

Wilf Langevin

Well, as long as you are a strong advocate of equal rights.

September 3, 2021

Dear Kevin & Joe,

I am an aspiring filmmaker from Toronto and currently planning a project on the Gay marriages, their ethics and cutlture... For this we plan to shoot a gay wedding but it's not like a wedding story but more than that... We want to make this film entirely from the gay and lesbian perspective only... only those who fit into this genre shall be interviewed... It's to understand the meaning behind such relationship... It's not to make anyone uncomfortable...

I am looking for volunteers who are getting married and are willing to participate in this film. I am an independent filmmaker and my project is self funded therefore this is only out for mutual benifit only... we can offer a discounted price on shooting a marriage video for the couple for the willingness to help us make this documentary...

Please feel free to contact me if this is of any interest to you... thanking you for your time and consideration... very sincerely yours,

Kalpesh Patel

September 5, 2021

After witnessing for several months federal politicians in the national parliament of Australia, [who] effectively say the homosexual relationships are less loving, less committed, less important and not as worthy as their heterosexual counterparts ... A small group of Aussie gays retaliated by sailing over to Australiaís uninhabited Coral Sea Island territory and settled there, permanently throwing a spanner in the works for the Australian government as under international law Australia now must now recognise this gay government as an legitimate government because the territory is only inhabited by gay & lesbian people and the self proclaimed gay government is the only government speaking on behalf of its people.

A copy of the following declaration of independence and necessary paper work announcing the secession from Australia and the sovereignty of the new nation was forwarded to every politician in Australia as well as the Governor General of Australia who as the Queen of Englandís representee and the Australian Head of State.

Further information maybe obtained from the gay governments official web site at please feel free to download any information or use any of the photos from the site to help promote our fledging nation and to further our cause. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this press release it means a lot to us.

Government of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands

September 19, 2021

Dear Sirs,

Biblical Marriage - Why the Bible is a bad source for the same-sex marriage debate.I just read Vaughn Roste's article, "Biblical marriage: a bad source for debate", published January 23, 2021 on your website. Please pass along my immense gratitude and appreciation that he wrote that article! I am a Christian, and I have had a difficult time explaining to others that I can be both for gay marriage and follow a Christian faith. I will be using his biblical citations in my arguments in the near future, and perhaps for the rest of my life. Too many "Christians" believe that violence, hatred, and intolerance of others brings glory and honor to God. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource! I can only hope that the US will one day come to its senses.

Joyce Christensen

September 19, 2021

Man-o-manitoba!  Gay marriage arrives in the prairies at last.Just wanted to say that as a straight married Manitoban, I'm very happy to see that MB has finally extended the right to same-sex couples to be able to enjoy the same loving and legal committment that I and my husband have enjoyed for many years now.

Congrats to you and congrats to ALL Manitobans!


Audrey Bessette

September 24, 2021

Dear Art and Wayne,

Arrested!  New Brunswick defies new common law  recognizing same-sex marriage.My partner and I read the story about your day at the government center in NB on the Equal Marriage website. We are thrilled that you are taking these bold steps for all of us and we look forward to joining you and others as the Supreme Court and Parliament continue to wrestle with this matter.

We are immigrating to Toronto from Chicago because, like you, we absolutely refuse to live like second-class citizens. Our paperwork is complete and we expect to land in Canada in December. After we are established in Toronto I expect that we will be traveling to Ottawa to express our support for legislation that legalizes same-sex marriage nationwide. What you are doing is still very important though. Each province should show its stripes before the Supreme Court gives them a fig leaf to hide behind. So please keep up the struggle in NB. We'll do our part to shore up your good work in Ottawa later this winter when that brouhaha gets underway.

Our very best wishes to both of you. It is vital that we remain intransigent on the issue of refusing to let people call us names or treat us differently. Your good works are an inspiration.


Ken Bleyer and Emil Atanasov

September 25, 2021

I am so proud to be a resident of such a tolerant and open-minded country that respects and cherishes human rights. Tears come to my eyes when I think of how much hard work and passion you have put into this cause.

I believe Canada is now the most democratic and liberal nation in the world and you do the people of this nation a great service by allowing the rest of the world to view our progress in this regard.

I am a heterosexual woman, but I have always been 100% in favour of gai marriage, as we have many gay and lesbian friends. I will tell everyone I know about your website, and I thank you again for your efforts.

I hope the rest of the western world will see Canada for the nation we are, not simply as America Junior.

Sandrine Meuniere

Sherbrooke, Quebec

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