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We give our wedding day thanks to...

  • The Reverend Doctor Brent Hawkes - for the invitation to help change the world
  • Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto Board of Directors and Congregation - for empowerment and support
  • Douglas Elliott (and the rest of the equal marriage legal team) of Elliott & Kim - for counsel and wisdom
  • Anne & Elaine Vautour, Barb McDowall & Gail Donnelly, Tom Allworth & Al Pitman - for partnership and love
  • Marriage Witnesses: Ranald Davidson, Charmaine Peever, Elaine Pequegnat, Jayme Rowat
  • Participants: Onyx Wind Quintet, Michele O'Sullivan, Randi Williams, Abby Zotz
  • Metropolitan Toronto Police Department and private security professionals and volunteers
  • Robyn Hofland - Significant Other Designs, Toronto
  • Ladybug Florist, Toronto

...and to others who helped us get to the altar, including:

And especially our partners for Equality in BC, Ontario and Quebec.  

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