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Fresh Ideas

Wedding Ring: The Origins Of The Wedding Ring

Soon you will have a ring on your finger and you wonder about the origin of this tradition? Discover the story behind this most symbolic jewel.

Wedding Ring: The Origins

The history of the covenant inevitably overlaps with that of marriage and its practices.

Established in Antiquity, marriage has for thousands of years been the institution that unites a couple before the law to form a family.

Already in ancient Rome, a ring was exchanged as a symbol of the commitment made by the spouses.

Intended to be seen, it informs of the civic status of the person wearing it.

Archaeological excavations have brought to light the flat ring shape of the ring; it is still characteristic today.

So far, nothing surprising. But did you know that it was first worn on the right hand and even on the thumb?

Wearing A Wedding Ring: What Are The Different Practices?

Today, in France, you wear your wedding ring on your left ring finger. However, until the Middle Ages, it was customary to wear a wedding ring on the right ring finger and even on the thumb.

In some countries, such as Spain (except Catalonia), Greece, Russia, Hungary and Poland, it was still worn on the right ring finger, as in Germany, Norway and Austria.

In the Netherlands, depending on one’s religion, practices vary: on the left if one is Catholic and on the right if one is Protestant.

Traditionally, the wedding ring is a simple and sober piece of jewellery that is limited to a simple ring made of resistant metal. It is only recently that women’s wedding rings have been adorned with precious stones.

In recent years, the fashion has changed from a thin ring to a rather wide ring that we like to set with stones.

Whether you want an original or a classic ring, the most popular alloys are gold (yellow, white, pink) and platinum.

On the other hand, engraving your wedding ring is an ancestral practice.

Why not a historical ring for her wedding?

Like the princesses and icons of our time, some couples prefer to opt for a vintage ring.

What better symbol indeed than to wear the ring of a great-grandmother who had a diamond wedding?

This is a common practice in the United States and the United Kingdom, where the bride often inherits a relative’s engagement or wedding ring.

According to the saying “Something new, something old, something blue, something borrowed”, wearing the old at her wedding is a guarantee of happiness and longevity!

Tips For Having Beautiful Wedding Photos

The most beautiful day of your life remains engraved in your memory. And yet, you will enjoy seeing the photos of this magical day again. Cosmo tells you all about how to find the perfect photographer, take original wedding photos, create a wedding album, share your photos with your loved ones… And above all, don’t forget to treat yourself with your wedding photos. Funny, classic, retro or fun, all the possibilities are open to you.

To your cameras!

The most beautiful wedding photos are those that capture the emotion of the moment, the complicity between your loved ones, the glitter in your eyes? In short, love.

And believe us, it’s a real job! Uncle René, even with his beautiful camera, will not be able to offer you the same emotions as a professional whose specificity is this.

Be careful, therefore, to choose him carefully. It’s not a question of selecting a cheap photographer without even taking a look at his photo book. To find the right photographer, there really must be a connection, and the same artistic vision. 

Discover here our best advice for the most beautiful day of your life.

Choosing the right wedding photographer, instructions for use

Immortalizing your wedding day means first and foremost choosing a good photographer.

Whether you decide to go through a professional photographer or entrust the mission to one of your loved ones, there are a few rules to follow. 

Start by clearly defining with the photographer the style and theme of your wedding. Rather funny, retro or classic, the photos of your wedding will become a souvenir that you can share with your future husband and your loved ones.

They are also practical to share this moment with your children if they were not born or too small to remember.

If you would like black and white photos, you can still ask him for some colour photos as a souvenir. Or decide to take only landscape, portrait or square photos, Instagram version.

Finally, when you call on a professional, don’t forget to define the price with him. Whether it’s for taking photos before, during and after the wedding, or for after-sales service.

When one of your loved ones takes care of it, your wedding photos are free! A good idea to considerably reduce your wedding budget.

But be careful to entrust this important mission to someone who knows how to do it.

If one of your friends tells you that he or she is an expert, check out what they say by looking at some pictures they have taken. And why not organise a photo session beforehand.

Tips for making beautiful wedding photos

No one said that your wedding photos had to be boring. You can use funny or original poses as inspiration for your pictures.

You can prepare a small corner in your reception room with accessories for your guests. Plus, it adds to your wedding decoration! They can be immortalized by your photographer or take pictures of themselves.

Paper moustache, princess crown, decorative frame… All ideas are good for successful wedding photos.

If you want more technical wedding photos, call a professional.

Create your own country wedding photo album, original, cheap

Taking photos of this event is great. Developing them and/or staging them is better!

Think about creating a beautiful photo book or DIY album to show your photos to your loved ones.

If you don’t want to print your wedding photos, you can opt for online sharing. Please note that there are secure sites to share your photos with your loved ones.

If you are developing your photos, you can ask your photographer for a photo book or have one printed yourself via online sites.

The Most Beautiful Alternatives To The Bridal Bouquet

An essential accessory for the bride, the bouquet of flowers is now seen and seen again. If it continues to seduce, it is also possible to replace it with other more original alternatives. Dried flowers, balloons and delicacies, here are all our ideas to succumb to this new trend.

Tradition dictates that it is difficult to design a wedding outfit without a beautiful bouquet. However, not all brides-to-be are big fans of flowers.

To dress up your wedding dress without being bothered with a composition you don’t like, here are some ideas for a change from the bridal bouquet.

A bridal bouquet without flowers  

For some, a bouquet of flowers is the most beautiful way to accompany a bridal gown. For others, it’s simply prohibitive. And here there are two teams: those who don’t want a bouquet at all and those who don’t want flowers. 

For those who are afraid of strong smells, for example, the scent of roses, peonies or lavender, the bouquet is not necessarily ideal. This is therefore the ideal time to play the card of the original bridal bouquet.

For a less traditional bouquet, we opt for dried flowers, or a mix of foliage such as eucalyptus leaves, ferns or ivy. And for an even more original bouquet, why not opt for sweets, fake flowers, wheat stems, pampas leaves or succulent plants.

Pine cones will be perfect for an autumn wedding and bouquets of cotton flowers for a winter wedding. You can easily adapt your table decoration to your original bridal bouquet, while staying within the theme of the season.

How to wear flowers without a bridal bouquet?

For those who wish to retain the magic of flowers without wearing a bouquet all day long, there are other alternatives.

Some florists offer flower arrangements that are very different from the bouquet: they can be found in the form of a wreath, around a round log, for example, or in a small round bag, to be worn with a strap. 

Flowers can also be worn as a bracelet or belt to style your wedding dress. You can choose them white or colored, matched to your wedding decoration or to your fiancé’s buttonhole.

The most original alternatives to replace the bridal bouquet

There are other original solutions to completely change the bouquet of flowers while dressing up your beautiful white dress. If accessories are important, they can also be practical.

The bridal handbag is the perfect new trend to carry your belongings, while having the luxury of choosing a beautiful wedding handbag. White or coloured, in pearls or leather, it is the perfect ally for your day.

In another genre, the fan will be just as thoughtful for summer brides. The fan is the perfect accessory to avoid getting too hot and at the same time play the novelty card. Traditional, it can be adorned with lace or romantic details, but it can also be personalised.

Others will also play the fantasy card by betting on balloons, or a beautiful cotton candy floss. If it rains, a pretty umbrella will be perfect to complete your outfit. 

And if you want a more original bridal bouquet toss, discover the ribbon game!

On Which Finger Should You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

If the French wear the alliance on the left ring finger, it is far from everyone!’ Throughout the centuries and borders, we have seen this jewel be worn on just about every finger. This article aims to inspire rebellious minds.

Wedding ring: which hand to wear it on?

The origin of the wedding ring dates back to antiquity.

The wedding ring was worn on the left hand. What is the explanation? It is said that the vein of the left ring finger, the “vena amoris”, leads directly to the heart… like all veins!

For the Romans, the ring finger was considered the best of all. It is said to be the “golden finger”.

The Egyptians and the Hebrews took up this practice again. In the Middle Ages, depending on the country, some people wore the wedding ring on their thumb!

The French, for their part, used to pass the ring on the finger of their right hand. This is what our friends from Spain, Greece, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Norway and Austria do today.

Sometimes it is even a distinctive sign among Christians: Catholics wear the ring on the left and Protestants on the right; as is the case in the Netherlands and Germany.

On which finger should you wear your wedding ring?

Wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger comes from a Christian tradition. During the ceremony, when passing the rings, the priest would touch his thumb, index and middle fingers, exclaiming “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. Then he would pass the ring finger of the ring finger.

It is also the finger where it is most comfortable to wear a ring in general, but also the reference finger in jewellery.

Similarly, wearing your wedding ring on your left hand prevents the finger from being mishandled when you shake hands.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that on the big day, a good manicure is a must!

Why not be original with your wedding ring?

More and more couples are deciding to change conventions by swapping their wedding ring for… a tattoo!

By wearing a tattoo on your ring finger, you are sending the same message as a wedding ring.

Diamond-shaped tattoos, initials, messages or other symbols: don’t miss our slideshow of the cutest wedding tattoos.

Homosexual spouses can also be inspired by the “pinkie ring” and wear their ring on their little finger.

This trend, almost forgotten today, was quite widespread in the 1980s.

Before gay marriage was allowed in many countries, wearing a pinkie ring was a strong sign of belonging to the gay community.

How To Have A Unique Wedding Dress?

To get married, you want a beautiful dress that meets several criteria. It has to be pretty, it has to please us, it has to enhance us, but above all, it has to be unique. Here are all the tips and little ideas to find a unique wedding dress.

When you attend a wedding, you clearly don’t want to have the same dress as your neighbour.

So imagine when you are the bride! It is out of the question to end up with the same wedding dress as all the brides of the year.

Yes, but what can you do when you’re in love with the latest trends?

To have a unique wedding dress, all you have to do is know how to go about it. Here are our best tips for having a wedding dress of your own. 

Why is it necessary to have a unique wedding dress?  

Imagine: you are getting married this summer and you find the perfect dress for your big day. Long, lace, slightly flowing… You love it and you are proud of your choice.

Problem: two weeks before your wedding, you attend your cousin’s/girlfriend’s/colleague’s wedding and this one is wearing the same dress as the one you have chosen.

All of a sudden, your dress loses all its charm and you want to cancel everything to have time to change the model. 

Of course, there are much more serious things. But the wedding is supposed to be your big day and you want to feel unique. If this is the case, you always have the solution to personalise your wedding dress.

To counter the problem beforehand, it is best to opt for a unique wedding dress.

Not only will you be the only one to have it, this trick allows you to create a dress that looks like you, reflects your image and in which you will feel comfortable.

Opt for a seamstress

The easiest way to have a unique wedding dress is to design it yourself. Or in any case, to imagine it in your own way and to contact a dressmaker who will be able to realise all your wishes.

To find inspiration, don’t hesitate to look at the current or old collections, fashion shows, etc. 

Halter neckline, high collar, plunging neckline, long or short sleeves, train, lace, sequins… You can thus choose all the details of your dress, from the shape, fabric, decoration, cut, etc. What’s more, your dress will be made to measure by your seamstress and will fit your body perfectly.

You can thus follow the making of your dress, from the measurements to the choice of fabrics and fittings. Of course, you can’t help but love your dress!

Ask for a tailor-made wedding dress

If you don’t want to have the same dress as your best friend, it’s best to avoid the big specialist shops. However, some designers offer to modify some of their models according to your desires. 

You can change the straps or the neckline, opt for a different fabric, or simply ask for a totally unique wedding dress, but always in the style of one of your favourite brands.

At Atelier Gasparine, for example, the customer can compose her dress as she wishes. Marion, the brand’s creator, explains: “I will welcome the customer, listen to her, understand her desires and advise her in the best possible way. Then, she will try on lots of models to see what she likes and she will choose the neckline of one, the belt of the other”.

At home, the cost of a long wedding dress varies between 1700€ and 2500€, depending on the finishing touches, the fabric, etc. “Sometimes just changing the material can make a dress unique,” she adds.

Falling for a vintage model

Vintage wedding gowns are on the rise, and for good reason! With them, success is guaranteed. If you manage to find a vintage wedding dress, you can be sure that no one will have the same one this year. 

If you like retro shapes and vintage atmosphere, you absolutely need a vintage wedding dress. What’s more, you should know that buying a vintage wedding dress is an ecological act that is good for the planet, as it helps to limit consumption.

Of course, if you find an antique wedding dress but want to make some changes to it, you are free to do so!

This one will fit you all the more and will be perfect to sublimate you on the D-day.

engagement ring

How To Choose An Engagement Ring?

You have just passed a milestone. You have decided with your Jules to get engaged. Congratulations ladies! Now it’s up to you to go to all the jewellers in search of the perfect engagement ring!

Engagement ring: metal and stone to choose from!

Before launching yourself headlong into this unbridled quest, define your budget. If your man is traditional, you are lucky! According to customs, it is up to him to pay for the ring for which he should spend the equivalent of one to two months’ salary.

But there are no rules on this. The main thing is to find the engagement ring you like!

Start by choosing the metal you prefer: white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

The choice of stone depends entirely on your taste. The most chosen precious stone is the diamond, because it is a symbol of purity and eternity. In addition to being considered the supreme emblem of love, it has the merit of matching everything. 

If you choose a diamond, don’t overlook its qualities and values, which are defined according to four criteria (size, weight, purity, colour). 

But nothing prevents you from being a little more original by opting for a coloured stone (sapphire, ruby, emerald)!

Engagement ring styles 

There are hundreds of different models… This explains why some men prefer to offer a fancy ring at the time of their request and then buy the definitive one with the chosen one! 

However, there are three main types of rings.

  1. The solitaire (a ring with a stone) is the most classic ring, a model of elegance and refinement.
  2. But if, for you, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, you should choose the solitaire with a shoulder. It has a diamond in its centre surrounded by small diamonds, on all or part of the ring.
  3. The trilogy is a ring made up of three diamonds of identical size.

A piece of advice: already think about the wedding ring you will choose in order to have a harmonious and elegant ensemble!

Blowout at a Hair Salon

What is a Blowout at a Hair Salon?

A hair salon blowout is a hair treatment that involves hair washing, blow-drying, and some touch-ups with a flat or curling iron. Blowout gives your hair volume with glossy curls or a straight look. Blowout services may include other treatments if you need them.

You can get a blowout at any hair salon nearest to you. If you are in El Paso, you can search for a hair salon El Paso. You can also make inquiries about the hair salon that offers blowout services. It would help if you also discussed with your stylist to know the best treatment for your hair.

Blowouts are not just for ladies. There are blowout services for men. Lots of salons and bars offer blowout services and have been in existence since the 1900s. Recently, blowouts have been receiving lots of promotions.

What is a Typical Blowout Service Entails?

A blowout service is designed to keep your hair healthy and styled. A full blowout session includes two hair washes, one with a shampoo and a blowout shampoo to protect your hair. Conditioning your hair would be next to get your hair ready for styling. You could also do a deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage.

Once your hair is washed and conditioned, the next step is the blowout session. You may have to select a hairstyle if you don’t already have one in mind. Make use of styling products that are best suited for your hair. You could choose a product based on your hair type, scalp condition, and your choice of style.

Do’s and Don’ts of Blowouts


  • Ensure you blow-dry your hair at low speed. Also, make use of nozzle attachment to help direct the air towards a direction. It will help your hair look and feel smooth.
  • Make use of a professional hairdryer with at least 2600 watts of power. Henriquez has recommended the twin-turbo dryers as the perfect dryers for blowouts at salons.


  • Don’t use a giant hairbrush. The smaller the brush, the better the volume it gives your hair.
  • Don’t make use of excess styling products. You could make use of them in reasonable amounts. Also, the lesser the styling products, the longer your blowout lasts.

How Long Does a Blowout Last and Who Needs a Blowout

What is a Blowout at a Hair Salon

Everyone needs a blowout, and you can get a blowout anytime you desire. If you are still thinking about when to get a blowout, here are a few hunches to get a blowout.

  • If you are struggling with the thickness and texture of your hair, you need a blowout.
  • If you don’t have sufficient time to spend treating your hair, your hair needs a blowout, as it’s less time-consuming.
  • Are you looking for a quick and stylish hairstyle to last you? It would be best if you had a blowout.
  • Suppose your hair is having challenges such as hair breakage or damage. Ensure to get a proper hair blowout treatment.

A hair blowout can last for about 3-5 days, depending on your hair texture. If you’ve got a great hair texture, your blowout could last longer with a little maintenance. If you start getting regular hair blowouts, your hair can begin to hold the shape and style much longer.

How to Get a Lasting Blowout at Home

The steps are similar to a blowout done at a salon. At home, you would have to be a lot patient with yourself. If this is your first time getting a blowout at home, take the steps gradually.

1. Make use of volumizing hair shampoo and conditioner

Once you apply the shampoo and wash your hair, you can use the conditioner on your hair’s ponytail, not on the roots. Ensure you rinse very well afterward. Applying the conditioner is to help your hair seal the cuticle and hold moisture.

2. Make use of towel

You can wrap your hair with a towel to reduce the blow-drying time.

3. Prep your hair with your styling products

Make use of one styling product for the roots of your hair and another for the tip. It is advisable to make use of lightweight products for the roots of your hair. Also, ensure you pick products that will help your hair with volume and keep it moisturized.

4. Blow-dry from the back

You do not have to make use of the comb yet. What you are to do is provide the roots of your hair with more lift by combing through with your fingers.

5. Finish blow-drying with the boar bristle brush

You can work your way through from the front of your hair to the back using the brush. It provides your hair with the right tension to smoothen it and leave it shiny. Cut your hair into sections, and roll each section with the brush from the roots to the tip.

Once you are done with a section, let it dry while it’s still wounded up on the brush. Lastly, make use of the Velcro roller to add volume and bounce. Continue until you are done with every section of your hair is completed.

6. Take out the Velcro rollers

You can shake out the curls using your fingers while smoothening the style.

7. Use a sheer-hold spray

You can apply a shine serum to the roots of your hair if necessary.