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TV PSA: "Blanket"
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TV PSA: "Bedroom"
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TV PSA: "Parents"
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Advocacy News - PSA - Zig/Industry Films Press release

November 19, 2003

Zig and Industry Films launch campaign supporting Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples

"We're hoping it promotes open, positive dialogue about why legalized same-sex marriage is the right thing to do," said Andy Macaulay, the chief executive of Zig. "People don't want to be preached to on a subject, they want to have an opinion shared with them that they can choose to adopt or not. And we're respectful of their indecision."
Andy Macaulay, The National Post, Nov. 20, 2003

Toronto: A series of three, 30 second television spots created by award-winning Toronto agency, Zig and produced by Industry Films, will begin airing today on stations across Canada. The spots are intended to raise awareness for the same sex marriage issue and support the lobbying efforts of Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples (equalmarriage.ca) and PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians & Gays).

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The campaign also includes three radio spots. The campaign can be found online at www.zig.ca. (Enter Studio. Username: equal. Password: marriage)

The creative talents of Zig and Industry were donated and the spots will be running as PSA's on supporting television networks and radio stations. A print campaign is also being developed. According to Zig partner Andy Macaulay, "We chose to work with the same sex marriage lobby because this is an extremely important social issue that can be resolved only through open dialogue from all sides of the debate. We believe that in our business as communicators, we have a responsibility to participate in the social issues that affect us because only through effective communications are we able to come to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us."

Zig has used its creativity to support dialogue on many social issues such as breast cancer, AIDS research, abused women, and the environment. The agency, founded by Macaulay, Elspeth Lynn, and Lorraine Tao in 1999, was Marketing Magazine's Agency of the Year in 2002.

Industry Films also has a lengthy record of supporting a variety of social causes. Tina Petridis, President/Owner of Industry Films says, "Same-sex marriage is an issue that affects everyone. We can help encourage a better understanding of the issue by speaking directly to people who may not be so close to the debate. These spots achieve that broader communications goal."

Other social issues Industry Films has supported in the past include Coalition for Music in Schools, Mother's Against Drunk Driving and The Children's Wish Foundation. Industry Films has won numerous awards at Canadian and International advertising festivals, including a 2002 Gold Lion at the Cannes Lion Festival. As well, they are listed as one of the Top 10 production companies in the world under the Palm d'Or in Cannes.

The same-sex marriage spots are intended to illustrate the fact that couples, gay or straight, face the same issues in relationships, both good and bad. The net effect is to underline the point that sexual orientation does not separate us as human beings and should not be a factor in whether or not one chooses to marry.

"We have such a gift living in Canada where tolerance and understanding are the underpinning values of the Canadian character. Our business thrives in this environment and we are proud to make this kind of contribution as a way of giving back to the community," says Macaulay.

"We are indeed both grateful for and thrilled with the work Zig and Industry have done on our behalf," says Kevin Bourassa of equalmarriage.ca. "Their generosity of spirit and resources will make an enormous difference in ensuring that our position on this debate can be heard."


For more information, please contact:

Andy Macaulay
Tina Petridis
Industry Films

The public service announcements were made possible thanks to the participation of:

Barry Parrell (Sesler & Company)

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